Homework: Music Essay

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Homework: Music

In the world of music, there are many skilled singers, musicians and composers who have dedicated themselves to music in order to discover new types of music which will entertain other people. Moreover, composers are the main core of music. These composers are able to provide their listeners a form of music that will give entertainment to everyone. Furthermore, there are certain composers whom are able to change the lives of many. One of these composers is Ludwig Beethoven who had been well known to the music industry during his youth until this present day.

Ludwig Van Beethoven is a person who have gone into different types of challenges during his lifetime. The name Beethoven came from his grandfather who had the same name however it is a counterpart of such name in Dutch. Moreover, Ludwig came from a musical family who widely knowledgeable in such subjects. Hence, Ludwig is well aware of music and was trained in an early age. At a young age, there are different competitions. Due to this, his father trained him well in order to compete with other flourishing composers during that period (Kinderman 15).

After the years of training that he had with his father, Ludwig already became a great musician. However, there are cases in which their personal lives intervened in the progress of Ludwig’s career. Ludwig was able to have a career given the situation of his family. He taught children how to play piano. Ludwig was often hired as an instructor for wealthy families. In the case of his development in his music career, Beethoven is considered as one of the most important composers of the classical period.

Along side Bach and Brahms, Beethoven is a composer who was able to surpass two different eras of 18th and 19th century which is the mixture of classicism and romanticism. In addition to this, Beethoven was able to combine different instruments which he called the symphony orchestra. Due to this genius, Beethoven was able to create concerti of nine for one or more participant in the orchestra. Accordingly, Beethoven was also able to create different types orchestra created for soloists.

However, he did not focus on operas but rather on various kinds of instruments. Although he was open in the concept of an orchestra, he mainly utilized the piano, violin, French Horn as well as cellos (Kinderman 39). In the course of the career of Beethoven, it is said that there are three different levels which became an important sections of his compositions. The levels were, Early, Middle and Later periods. The Early period of his career was influenced by Mozart and Haydn which were mainly his predecessors.

During his early period, he only composed six string quartets and different piano concertos (Kinderman 51). The second level is called the Middle stage where in Beethoven was slowly became deaf. Furthermore, Beethoven was also facing a crisis in his personal life which led to him composing orchestras and sonatas which are mostly about heroism in the lives of various individuals. Moreover, he was able to compose different sonatas which pertains to struggles in his personal life. Such compositions made him very relatable and accessible as a composer.

Throughout his middle stages, he was able to compose music such as Symphony number three until eight, various piano concertos, a violin concerto, five different string quartets, and most especially Moonlight and Fidelio (the only opera created by Beethoven). Hence, during the middle period the compositions of Beethoven were a reflection of his many experiences as well as his exploration in music (Kinderman 86-108). The late period of Beethoven was said to have started during 1815. During the last period of Beethoven’s works, many have stated that his music had grown deeper and intensified.

The last period exuded the fact that different aspects relating to his progress in music became very evident in his last period. Through the Early and Middle Stages of his career, Beethoven was still in search of different compositions he could play with. Thus, during the Last period, Beethoven was able to complete the stages of his growth. The Late period became the outburst of his knowledge, skill and experience in composing music. During the Late stage of his work he was able to compose Symphony 9, Missa Solemnis, and Gro? e Fuge which put him in the top of his league.

During the end of his career, Beethoven is able to attain the greatness of a composer. Through different experiences and experimentations, Beethoven was able to create various compositions for different instruments. Moreover, he also able to create different compositions which presents that Beethoven is not only composer but a composer that has the capability to exceed the expectations of many (Kinderman 211-238; 308). Conclusion: Composers during the past centuries were very essential for the growth of our current music. Through composers such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, music had developed to a form of art and expression.

Hence, through the genius of Beethoven various types of compositions and emergence of new types of techniques. Furthermore, Beethoven’s compositions provided different composers a level of quality which must be attained by most composers. Due to the high level of ability expressed by Beethoven, no composer was able to attain the similar level of expertise in such field. The compositions of Beethoven are still being played during this moment in different parts of the world. The songs of Beethoven are still appreciated and celebrated for his musical talents and contribution.

Furthermore, Beethoven is a composer who will never be forgotten by many people for he provided development in the field of music. Beethoven was able to expound the meaning of music for people. Music is currently known as an expression of personal emotions during a certain period of time. It is concluded that Ludwig van Beethoven is one composer who is able to master his own craft. Beethoven was honed through time and his experiences becomes an important stage in the development of music during his era until this very day(Lockwood, 42)

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