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First Term Students

For every college student the first term is always the hardest. In most cases the hardest part in college is the transition from high school to college. The first week of college most students feel isolated and separated from friends. Assuming you don’t know anyone that goes to your school makes it harder to meet… View Article

Successful Student

I believe that for a student to be successful he/she needs to meet failure. I believe a successful student is not just one who can memorize the first 100 digits of pi, or one who can recite the Preamble of the Constitution from memory, as most people define a successful student as. A successful student… View Article

Arts of the contact zone

In “”Arts of the Contact Zone” Pratt gets the point across that cultures should recognize the “contact zone.” By giving examples like Poma’s writing and a homework assignment that her son had, Pratt defines the contact zone as the “meeting of cultures with asymmetric power.” (p 487) The word “cultures” refers to every type of… View Article

Creative writing

Student Responsibility plays a key role in becoming a successful writer at the college level. Patty Strong, Lennie Irvin, and Donald Murray all talk in their articles about how students can succeed in college and what they will need to know and expect when writing at the college level. All three Authors explained their message… View Article