Homework and Paper Activities Essay

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Homework and Paper Activities

 As a teacher, I will implement a strict rule regarding homework and other paperwork. Home works are strictly to be done at home and should be immediately passed as soon as the student arrives in the classroom, The purpose of this is to avoid cheating among the students and to encourage them more to do things all by themselves. However, students are allowed to discuss the task among themselves during breaks. This is to promote learning by free discussion of ideas and thoughts.

Paper activities such as laboratory works should only be passed during the designated class hours. Papers that are to be done by pairs may be similar but they should not be a total replicate of each other. Lastly, any late submission of the papers will automatically be subjected to deduction to teach the students to pass on time and obey rules.

As my general protocol, the class will start 5 minutes after the designated time. This is to allow students to sign the attendance sheet and prepare the things needed for the class which I will post on the board. I will also implement an energizer activity to introduce the topic to class and to get the class’ attention for the topic. A lecture with interactive discussion will follow after that and an evaluation activity such as a quiz will be done to assess the students learning.

Any activities during the class such as going to restroom or clinic should be subjected for my permission. I will only allow 10 minutes for restroom activities to avoid cutting classes of students.

If the next class is to be conducted to another classroom, I will dismiss the class 5 minutes before the time to allow them to prepare for the next class. Students are required to pick up any litter found in the floor. Desks are also to be organized and the group assigned for the day should erase the board upon my permission. After all the things are done, a single file will be formed before going to another classroom to keep the students organized.

Rules, consequences and rewards are very important in managing the classroom. These three things along with the set of teaching strategies are helpful in maintaining balance and preserving harmony between the teacher and the students. If the rules, consequences and rewards are well planned, established and informed to the students, then any misunderstanding or conflicts will be avoided (Laslett and Smith 1984).

Below are my established rules, consequences and rewards which I based from Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.

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