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Hometown Essay Examples

Essay on Hometown

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Hometown And Living Away From Home

If you live at home, you also have responsibility to fulfill, just as people who live away from home; that is, housework. At least, you have to tidy up your bedroom, cleaning up your family’s room if they ask for help unless you have a housewife. Similarly, if you live away from home you will have the same duty as you are at home. Moreover, you have to plan and organize your cleaning day for bal...

My Hometown

Furthermore, not only government but also private schools are opened which have different specialists and fields. Thus, the students will have options when they choose their career; conversely, students used to travel to another cities in order to attend universities. In short, today, may hometown is different to what it was in the past in three important sectors finance, public facilities, and ed...

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My Hometown

It also nearest Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway . It is landmark which is expressway or motorway in Malaysia connecting the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to the town of Karak in Pahang.it began ,from The Kilometre Zero of the expressways begins at Gombak North Interchange .Other than nearest with karak highway,it is also nearest Duke Highway .Duke, an acronym for The Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway, forms th...

My hometown is worth visiting

I am proud to promoting my hometown because I am very sure that everyone should come to Sarawak and experience by themselves. Besides, I am sure that Sarawak will always be on their mind until the rest. It will be their most precious memory that they will never want to forget about. So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit Sarawak for the amazing experiences that you can’t get on somewhere e...

Hometown Memories

I do not exaggerate. In spite of being small, it was full of attractions such as unique and precious historical monuments (the ruins of the castle, the Town Hall and a few churches), museums and parks. The air was clean, it was not noisy and it was impossible to get lost. And what is more important, people who surrounded me at that time were my best friends. It was my hometown, where I experienced...

Higher Education in Hometown

In spite of all benefits there are considerable minuses too. One of the strongest arguments is isolation. It automatically makes it more difficult to meet and connect with your groupmates, because the way to university takes time and money. The second is that college campuses give students the opportunity to explore their autonomy and make mistakes in a relatively safe environment. Student life is...

Introduce My Hometown: Xinjiang, China

And that the north's function mainly is economy and business because of near by the Russian and Central Asia. SO,xinjiang's important foreign trading port is all in the north. [pic] That's all I want to introduce,And there is a mysterious and fairness. If you have time,welcome there. You can recognize a different china.  Dress the traditional Uygur cloth's Uygur girl. A famous Islam architecture ...

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