Homers The Odyssey Essay

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Homers The Odyssey

Homer’s The Odyssey is one of the most valued and highly regarded classic stories in the world of literature. Coming from the grandiose and mysterious world and era of the Greek mythology, The Odyssey has been seen to be one of the greatest stories that dealt about heroes, tragedies, gods and goddesses and adventurous journeys. Over the years, this work of the great writer Homer has also been regarded to be one of the most significant works the world has ever had (“The Odyssey” n. p. ).

The Odyssey, because of its undeniable value and significance in the world of literature has been one of the most studied classic stories in the academe. Its characters as well are some of the most admired and explored personalities in the world of literature. And one of these great and gallant characters is the chief Odysseus himself. Odysseus was depicted in the story as a great man who led a group of warriors and voyagers in the great feat to the sea which was popularly called the Odyssey. He was presented in the story to be the brain and the great decision maker of the group.

If there is one thing remarkable in the story when it comes to its intellectual aspect, it would be more on Odysseus analytical and very intelligent abilities. Throughout the entire adventure of the troupe, several challenges and trials were put to them at sea. During these times, Odysseus could be seen to be an indestructible hero of his team who never did back out and give up. He would analyze situations very deeply and carefully, and he would device solutions and remedies right then and there depending on his radical and objective observations (Woodnutt 1).

Thus aside from being a chief and a captain, Odysseus was also portrayed as the total representation of intelligent and just decisions that are solely based on radical observations and not on mere judgments and biases. But aside from this portrayal of Odysseus, an impeccable intellectual content can also be observable on how Homer created such terrible disasters that appeared inescapable to men, yet he was also able to device impeccable solutions to it.

On the other hand, when it comes to the aesthetic appeal, The Odyssey also did not fall short. This work by Homer has been highly acclaimed by critics because of the grandiose and spectacular mixture of being poems, prose and hymns. It has also been commendable through time because of the sample of poetry found in its text that leads its readers to a peak of aesthetic experience paving the way for more insightful thoughts (Chessik n. p. ). The narration was impeccable as it exposed the secrets and the wonders behind each characters and events.

The characters and the command of language also played an important part as they were so strong that the characters of this classic have been etched in the minds of readers for years. Also, Homer’s use of metaphors and his choice of tone and rhythm were also impeccable. His ability to mold an amazing story was undeniable throughout the entire story. But most especially, this classic by Homer also did not fall short of relevant morals and lessons that can be valued for generations. Above everything else, The Odyssey is a story of heroes and heroic acts.

It reflects the value of authority and respect for authority as something close to how people regard their gods (Johnston n. p. ). Also, The Odyssey also holds that particular magnificence as it celebrated history and the arts that it also teaches people how significant history and the arts are for their lives. It also talks about inferno, its realities and nature; that if only people would try to veer away from bad things and believe that they can be good and straight people, then they can escape this miserable place after death and enjoy a feast and a banquet with gods in Olympus instead (Johnston n. p. ).

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