Homeostatic Mechanism Essay

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Homeostatic Mechanism

Homeostatic mechanisms are essential for a body to maintain a stable condition. The word homeostasis describes the body’s ability to maintain its healthy state, while the world around it is changing constantly. There are many steps in the process of homeostasis. First, there is the stimulus that causes the change. Then the receptor detects the change. The information of the imbalance is then sent to the control center, which decides the response.

The information entering into the control center is called the afferent pathway. During the efferent pathway, the information is sent out from the control center to the effector. The effector provides the means for the control center’s response, returning the body back to normal. An example of a homeostatic mechanism working is someone exercising, or running. This is known as the stimulus in the homeostatic mechanism. Consequently, the person is now breathing faster, their body temperature is rising, and their heart rate is increasing. By breathing faster, more carbon dioxide is entering into the body.

This causes the pH level of the blood to decrease, making it more acidic. HHHhhhhdkjfkldsdjf The receptor detects this change and sends the information out to the control center. The control center then tells the cells to get rid of the carbonic acid in the blood. This causes the person to breathe even faster, prompting more oxygen into the body, getting rid of the carbonic acid. When the person stops running, the heart rate starts to return to the resting heart rate.

The pH level of the blood also increases back to normal, which is about 7.35 pH. A homeostatic mechanism is basically a test of a person’s responsiveness. Without any homeostatic mechanism, the body would fill up with carbon dioxide and could pass out and die. A homeostatic mechanism in a body is necessary to maintain a stable condition.

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