Homemade Lava Lamp Essay

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Homemade Lava Lamp

My science project is on the No Light Lava Lamp. I will record what happens when I mix vegetable oil and water in an empty water bottle. Most materials are classified into two different categories in relationship to the way they mix water. Hydrophobic substances are chemically unable to mix with water (the word hydrophobic means “water-fearing”). Hydrophilic (meaning “water-loving”) substances, can easily dissolve in water. In addition to the density difference, the reason that you will always see a distinct oil layer above the water layer is because of oil’s hydrophobic nature. Vegetable oil is a fatty substance obtained from certain plants. Manufactures obtain most vegetable oils from seeds and fruits. Most of these oils are liquids, but a few including cocoa butter, coconut oil, and palm oil are solids at room temperature. Water is the most common substance on Earth’s surface. It also covers then seventy% of the Earth’s surface area. It fills the oceans, rivers, and lakes and it’s in the ground air we breathe. Water is also everywhere. When you put the water in then put the vegetable oil in the jar the vegetable oil will float straight to the top because the vegetable oil is more dense then the water. Water and vegetable oil are like magnet’s that don’t like to stick to each other. If you shake the water and vegetable oil hard then it will get mixed up. When you put the salt in the bottle it will look like it’s going to stay at the top, but it will float to the bottom.

When you put the cap on while some of the gases are still forming the lid will come off and you would have to clean up the mess and the bottle will start to break in half. Salt is a very small mineral, and can be used in many different foods, and it also has been used in ancient times. Salt also consists of the elements such as sodium and chloride. Salt also has a nickname the nickname is Halite. Halite or salt usually forms clear crystals that are almost shaped like cubes or circles. When salt is put in with ice the ice point is lowered. Salt is also used in a wide range of other products those products include ceramic glazes, livestock weed, medicines, oil refining, and water softening. Trucks spread salt by driving on highways during the winter to melt snow and ice. Twenty percent of salt is consumed in the United States for the deicing. Seawater consists about two point five percent salt and about one percent other minerals in the water, mostly compounds of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

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