Homeless And Public Policy Essay

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Homeless And Public Policy


     In any types of society, be it large or small scale, numerous problems can be experienced by the social elements building the public unit. In the case of Lakeland, Florida, there are now a great number of homeless individuals because of certain social and economic conditions.

     Primarily, the main losers in this social problem are the individuals who are homeless. The homeless people tend to be the losers since they will not have much opportunity to improve their lives in the absence of a home. People in the neighborhood can also become the losers since some of them feel anxious about their security in the presence of homeless people in the streets of their community. In a positive perspective, the homeless people can also be considered as the primary gainers. These individuals in Lakeland can expect to have a warm compassionate reaction from its neighborhoods (Inside Lakeland, 2007).

     There is a significant direct cost of having homeless people lurking in Lakeland. For one, damage to private and public properties may be involved in the complete manipulation by homeless individuals of the current infrastructure where they want to dwell in. Another is the possibility of garbage amount increase in the area because of improper disposal processes. The indirect cost on the other hand can be realized in the form of lesser external investments due to the visual and probably perceptive impression of investors.

     The primary attributed factor which brings homelessness rates in Lakeland relatively high is somehow pointed out to personal concerns of individuals.  Alcoholism, drug use, mental health issues and unemployment are among the top issues. Thus, not being able to resolve these problems leads to homeless situations for people with such dilemmas in life.


Inside Lakeland PD. 2007. Policing the Homeless in Lakeland. Retrieved November 29, 2007 from http://www.insidelakelandpd.org/2007/06/policing_the_ho.html.

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