Homeland Security Alert In Lax And Other State Airports Essay

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Homeland Security Alert In Lax And Other State Airports

To overcome the increasing terrorists’ threats in most commercial airports many countries have boosted on their airports security both at home and abroad. Many countries especially Western have experienced many terrorist attack. This has forced them to invent on various alert measures to control these attacks mostly to their airports. Through Transportation Security Administration officers, Los Angeles have stepped forward to scrutiny their passengers and aeroplanes in their airport (Krikorian and Shogren, January 02, 2004).

This action has been motivated by particular terror plot bringing about more concern on common remote control toys that are useful in denoting terrorists’ bombs. Aviation authorities in different countries have decided on carrying devices on carry-on bags. Passengers with remote control are subject to intense search. Remote control toys are the most devices used in lax and other airports. Air passengers face heightened security which is geared against possible grandiose terrorist attack. Los Angeles and other country’s government are doing everything to protect their country (Sauter and Carafano, 2005, p. 2).

Transport Security Administration inspectors in airports in major cities like Los Angeles are emphasizing on passenger’s screening and their languages. There has been extra watchfulness with an appeal to Los Angeles and other nations not to forgo travel plans in their airports than other transports. There is need for alerts in airports; this should be done through air marshals especially on flights arriving from overseas and undercover observation around airports. Not only lax but also other airports have been on “Orange Alert” (Oldham, January 23, 2004).

There are many places that competes Los Angeles in their potential targets both symbolic and substantial. For better protection against terrorism in airports the main prevention of the attack, always there should understand of the vulnerability that translates to threat. Co-coordinating of anti-terrorism efforts among local airports law enforcement agencies and Joint Terrorism Task Force has been adapted in Lax. They have tried as much as they can to plan and monitor means of preventing terrorism (Byman, 2008, p. 75).

Cameras to monitor suspicious activity in airports with pilots completing terrorism awareness training have been adopted in most airports. All airport employees have been trained on security procedures with police increasing their patrol. Gas detection system has been improved to identify biological and chemical toxic. In airlines cockpit doors and locomotive doors has been adopted. There is also screening of passengers and their luggage. Los Angeles has identified potential facilities on terrorist attacks and established security plans.

Different agencies through FBI, police departments and sheriff have teamed up to create Joint Regional Intelligence Center in which they can collect, share and analyze intelligence data on terrorism. More anti-chemical suits are required to protect airports from chemical attacks (Hutagalung, November 29, 2008). There is local law enforcement and fire agencies which uses different radio systems. Los Angeles has not established a comprehensive plan on evacuating large number of people in case of chemical or nuclear attack.

There is computer software that records routine location and canine search at airports. Police offers data on possible terrorists’ targets and relative significance. These data is subject to change incase of security breach or suspicious activity (Oldham, January 23, 2004). Conclusion Like other airports, lax has been subject to federal rules mandating barriers perimeter around all facilities. A team for handling homeland security has been established incorporating different agencies.

Improvement of security in communications, transportation and public infrastructure utilities have expanded ability of different countries in detecting and responding to terrorism. They have better trained those who are called on for first response in contaminated environment. Lax and other airports have tightened their security in response to terrorist. They have raised security alerts to the highest possible level as an indication that terrorist attack are coming up. Some measures are visible and others are not.

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