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Homeboy industries

1. What theoretical perspective on deviance best represents Father Greg Boyle’s argument that kids are “fleeing something horrendous when they join a gang”? 2. What was the “social reality” surrounding Dolores Mission Parish when Father Greg Boyle arrived in the mid-80’s? Death. Death was the social reality of that time. There were 8 gangs fighting over the same territory, being in the area that they were the was a lack of education and access to education, violence is what almost every child grew up around. Worst of all there was no hope, no hope that things would be better and no hope that they could be better.

3. Why did Father Greg Boyle begin working with gang members in his community? Because they are the odd man out, they are the “demondnized”, the ones that no one wants to help and he believes that being a Christian we are all one. 4. What do the blossoms represent in the design of Nancy’s art piece? I saw nothing about this on the video link.

5. What theoretical perspective(s) (or parts of theoretical perspectives) on religion best represent what Homeboy Industries stands for? Community and culture. We learn from our families and all of that that is around us.

6. Explain the relationship between Father Greg Boyle’s use of the idea of “widening the circle of compassion” and labeling theory. Father Greg’s circle of compassion and the labeling theory are closely relate but yet so different at the same time, they’re opposites. His “widening the circle of compassion” is the idea of not judging, not putting down, and not turning anyone away because of what they may look like or how they may seem. To his idea we should all get to know, learn and accept one another. It’s almost as thought that he is saying that if we stopped with the labeling theory and step even one step within the circle of compassion this world could e just a little bit better.

7. Why doesn’t Father Greg Boyle want Homeboy Industries to be the “Mcdonalds of gang intervention”? He wants the organization to be from a good place, he wants it to be something that makes sense to that particular area and not just a knock off of what he did here in LA. Plus he doesn’t want to have to worry about what’s going on in “Homeboy” else where.

8. Explain how Father Greg sees kinship and share how you might apply these ideas in your own life or career. Address his ideas about the “Service-provider, service-recipient” model. People have to have a sense of belonging, to a community, for his idea or industry to really work. A sense of belonging is key. Personally I think that Father Greg’s idea about “Service-provider, service-recipient” is great. People are so quick to want to detach themselves from something or a place that they may have come from that they see is below them and they forget where they come from. Some people just have this sense of entitlement. I believe that we should all be courteous and humble and remembering the struggle that our loved ones have made to get us to where we are now. I also really loved his story about the homegirl at the register and Diane Keaton.

9. Complete this phrase: “Nothing stops a bullet like a _______”. What does that mean? Job. A job is something that one looks forward to and it’s something that keeps homeboys and girls out of the streets. If they’re off the streets and out of trouble then there are, almost, no bullets and there is hope of a future.

10. What does Father Greg mean by, “Most people here think it’s finally a church”? A church is suppose to be place that doesn’t judge, that doesn’t turn people away and a place where one can feel safe or at home. The guy that drove up and said “This use to be a church” is one of many who believe you have to dress and act a certain way to be able to enter the place but in reality it is there to serve all without judgment.

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