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Families have always been considered as the basic unit of life. Each would also be considered as the foundation of one’s perception and beliefs towards life. Although each family has a story, there were certain things that inhibited other people from reaching their goals. At some point in their lives, they feel that a certain part is missing in their existence. I thought that all these were just a part of the struggles others go through life; never did I imagine that other contributing factors were to be blamed for such.

Before conducting the interview, I thought that I would be receiving the same emotions as other people my age would feel. My perception about broken families and single parents were mostly about how difficult life would be for their children. To prepare myself, I made sure that I was aware of the realities of life that happened around me. Furthermore, I became more open to the possibilities. In so doing, I made sure that I was emotionally prepared to do the interview, and just be satisfied with what Jessica and her son would share with me.

As the interview started, I was still uneasy at the same time nervous, with what would transpire during the course of this interview. I started off by asking her how her day was, and how she was feeling during that particular time. I wanted to form a rapport between the two of us, so that it would be easier to ask my questions. Eventually, I went on with the interview process. A set of questions were on hand, which helped me to retrieve the information I needed. I asked Jessica how a normal day was for her and her son, Austin.

She answered without any hesitation, informing me about how they would spend each day as if it were their last. As proof of their healthy relationship, they shared certain moments together, and were aware of each other’s favorites. Jessica made sure that they would eat breakfast and dinner together during weekdays, and spend some time together during weekends. Whenever they had free time, they would watch movies at home, or go to the mall to do some shopping. During dinner time, they always made sure that they would update each other with what transpired during the day.

Such was a different task to accomplish, yet they sure that they had the time for each other. Eventually, I went on with my interview by asking about Austin and how his talents could affect his future. Upon hearing about her son’s talents, Jessica could not contain herself I felt how proud and ecstatic she was talking about her son. She said that her son was an good student and an extraordinary child. Furthermore, she discussed how obedient her son was, and that she did not have a hard time convincing him to study and finish his homework.

She went on by sharing more stories about her son, which also touched my heart. I could not imagine how such simple deeds could affect the life of a mother. I began to think how much my own parents would show me their appreciation every time I did something good in school. I was happy, and I must admit, I was getting a hang of the said interview. I went on further with my interview, by asking more detailed questions about her thoughts on Austin. I asked her if there was something that would interfere from getting the best out of her son.

Her face started to become serious, and I could see creases form in her forehead. She stopped for a while, and responded by saying that she believes in her son’s capabilities. The only fear she has is that she would not be able to give her son the best life she would want for him. A safe answer, but at the same time made me realize how close their relationship was as mother and son. The confident answer she gave me made me fully aware that they were maintaining a close relationship with each other.

Furthermore, my curiosity was beginning to accumulate, making me feel that there was more to discover than what has already been said. I asked Jessica if there were certain things that they did together that allowed Austin to learn about life. She smiled, and I became nervous at some point. Eventually, she responded and explained that they always did things together. At an early age, she was able to be completely honest with her son about the realities of life. She started by explaining to Austin why his parents were no longer together, which she explains was not an easy task to fulfill.

Jessica went on with her answers by stating that asking her son to help her do the dishes also helped her son to learn more about life. In his own little way, Austin was able to learn that responsibilities would come with the life of every individual. At a young age, he was able to exhibit a higher sense of maturity than kids his age. Sometimes, he would ask his mother to just sit down and watch television while he washed the dishes. This was not an ordinary sight for many, and Jessica is proud that her son turned out quite the young man she expected him to be.

Through her answers in the questions, I was able to decipher how good their relationship was as mother and son. They treated each other with respect, and I could feel a sense of belongingness they have for each other. At some point, I felt that the existence of such relationship was surreal, and only existed in the movies. I was wrong. Although the existence of complete families was the ideal perception people had in society, single parents should also be given the opportunity to prove themselves as good parents.

A child with one parent can still turn out to be one of the best individuals this society could ever have. With Jessica’s case, she made sure that an open communication line was opened between Austin and her. Such act may seem little for many, but it served as a big deal for her son. In their own manner, both mother and son were able to prove that life is better if you have someone by your side. In their case, they proved to the world that regardless of their age differences, they could still get along with each other. I could not help but admire Jessica for her openness towards this interview.

When I asked her certain details about Austin’s childhood and participation in school, Jessica could not contain the fulfillment she felt. I felt how much Jessica took pride in the accomplishments that her son had, regardless of the fact that theirs was a broken family. At some point during this part of the interview, I felt how great Jessica was as a parent. Her willingness to survive this fast and changing world became a sense of strength for her son to achieve greater heights. Unlike other single parents, Jessica made sure that she developed a close bond with her son.

This was one of the best lessons I have learned all throughout this interview. Regardless of their age differences, Jessica made sure that she was open to her son about everything. The simple deed of doing the dishes together proved the tight bonds they have for each other. Eventually, the focus of the interview was shifted to more details about Austin’s life. In Jessica’s point of view, she was able to prove to the world how much her son has to share regardless of an incomplete family. Irrespective of difficulties, Austin maintained good grades in school, and had a normal childhood.

He had his own set of friends, and made sure that he completed all of the tasks deemed from him by his teachers and other superiors. Moreover, Austin never showed any signs of discomfort nor hesitation when dealing with peers. He made sure that he was able to cope with his peers and accomplish all of the requirements deemed from him. This would have not been made possible if not for Jessica’s continuous advices. She made sure that Austin would learn the importance of education, and that all of these would play an important role in his future. Jessica’s thoughts and emotions about the realities of life were definitely inspiring.

I was opened to more possibilities, and that I should plan my future. In addition to this, she made me believe that anything is possible if I just put my heart and soul into everything I am doing. She did not hinder her being a single parent from achieving her goals and rearing a responsible and loving son. As we talked about how Jessica reared her child, I began to ponder on my own family. I felt lucky, for I had parents who were there for me through everything. Having two loving parents beside me felt wonderful. At the same time, I also felt a sense of respect for Jessica.

In her own little way, she was able to balance her life in order to give her son a good future ahead of him. Furthermore, her extraordinary love for her son has helped her to become both a mother and father to her child. Raising a child alone is not an easy task for anyone. It entails a lot of hard work and dedication from one’s end. At the same time, much of the emotional baggage children would have towards their parents must be balance in a manner that is fair and just. The interview I conducted with Jessica Cluelee and her son, Austin, was something out of the extraordinary.

I was opened to a world that I was unaware of, and such experiences have helped me to view life differently. Jessica was a parent who single-handedly reared her 8th grader son, with high hopes that he would turn out to be alright. As I look back and remember the interview I had with Jessica, I could not help but have much respect for her. She did not allow her imperfections to get in the way of success and parenthood. Someday, when I have my own children, I hope that I would be able to shower them with the much needed love and attention a parent could ever have.

I know that I would have my own share of mistakes and heartaches, but through hard work and an open communication I know that anything would be possible. Life is short – and we should all learn to become happy and contented with what we have. Jessica Cluelee’s interview would forever serve as an inspiration to my life and the other lives she has touched with her story. She would forever be an epitome of love, hope, and courage in a life filled with unbearable challenges. Her living proof—her son Austin, would remind all of us that anything in this world is possible as long as we put our heart and soul into achieving them.

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