Home school vs public school Essay

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Home school vs public school

I wouldn’t recommend home schooling to any parent, I would rather send my child/children to regular school instead, all because to me your child doesn’t learn anything from sitting at home getting taught from the parents. Not saying that the parents are not teaching them anything, but that they need to be around more people. Attending regular school have your child/children around more siblings their age and not just be around the parents all the time. A parent as I read has to be mastered in order to home school their children/child. Really I don’t have the patience to home school any child, not even mine.

A parent has to make sure they have the skills to help their child receive quality education that they deserve, like they get from school. The teachers at school are more experienced than parents. They have a degree in that field and they know how to deal with children better than parents do. By teaching your child at home it will limit their scope of knowledge, and plus they won’t learn everything that the government expects for them to learn. Actually some parents don’t know what the teachers know in school and I can say that I am one of those parents.

My wife mother thought about homeschooling at one point when my sister-n-laws were small, but she changed her mind. She said that she wouldn’t be able to teach them the things that the teachers teach and she didn’t have the patience and time they had either. We as parents probably wouldn’t know how to explain the work in the right way and that would cause children to learn wrong things in the wrong way. Another thing is the matter of socialization factors. They need to interact with other children. They will be slow at learning what the other children learn in school. That will have them moving slow in the world.

You have to know certain things in life and without attending school will leave you high and dry, clueless in the world. They need to know other people besides their family members. It’s always good to meet other children and people and learn about their cultures and their way of life and reactions to things. Basically they learn more in school than they learn in home school. The disciplinary actions at home schooling are different from in school, some parents go easy on kids than they do in school. At home when the parent teach the child, they will go easy on the punishment than they do in school.

At school they get treated the same and no differently. If they do something wrong in school they don’t get rewarded for it, they get punished. If a parent teaches their child/children at home they probably won’t be hard on them, like they are at school. By being soft on them they won’t learn anything. Children need to know punishment when it comes to not doing work. By teaching at home it basically isolates your child from the world outside him/her. In life as you are growing you have to learn from different people, to learn new things about the outside world. It will cause social alienation in your child.

They will have phobias and disorders in social settings. They will be scared to interact with other people around them. They will be like that if the parents teach them. The only person/people that they will be around is their parents and that will cause them to be scared to be around other people. There will be certain other results of homeschooling and that will call it salient as some would say. They will be like that because they have spent a long time inside learning and not in school. They will be scared of the broader society. It is always best to have a classroom setting and not always a house setting.

They would be more encouraged and challenged to do their work if they were in the classroom with other children. They will see other children doing their work and that will make them want to get some education even more. They will learn more from the school staff. Everybody is different and by learning from the school staff, they will learn different things about them and their way of learning. That will benefit them in their future and they will earn more about the outside world to make a living. Being taught by teachers and not by mothers/fathers can provide structure and teaching beyond book learning.

Children follow orders and procedures better than they will from homeschooling. You know us as parents sometimes don’t want to punish our children because we might feel bad about ourselves. Teachers care about our children the same, but since they are not the parents they will make sure that their learning is well taught. I know I learned a lot from going to school when I was in there back in the days. I never did want to be homeschooled by my parents. I wanted to interact with other children. I love the outside world. Going to school has it’s positive advantages, I really have learned that. (Eastin, Google, 2013).

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