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At Popcorn Supplies, we cordially invite you to sit back and enjoy the rich taste of entertainment as well as the essence of relaxation with our large kernelled, succulent popcorn as well as the delectable toppings that we offer. Our company’s product may already be known to you through our sister supplier Home Theatre Express. com. We provide the same mouth-watering buttery, caramel and other delicious popcorn flavors, but we offer them in wholesale quantities to those who want to invite large groups to enjoy the luscious experience.

This offer is also meant to cater to those who own small or medium-sized businesses where such an appealing snack might be provided as a supplement to the entertainment or other activities provided. We offer a variety of services and products that enhance the popcorn production and consumption experience. Our store supplies carnival-style popcorn poppers such as Paragon Theater Pop and Gold Medal Funpop.

We also stock large 4-oz bags of Orville Redenbacher’s high quality popcorn and cases of 35-oz Flavacol salt (12/case) that will equip your event to handle the high demand that is sure to materialize once guests or clients taste the scrumptious delight that comes in the popcorn bag. Plus, we also stock movie-theater popcorn buckets that create a much more authentic atmosphere for the occasion.

Get these by the bulk too and legitimize your event as well-appointed and adequately catered. To this end, our toppings add the final touch of mouth-watering tastiness to the affair. This will make it not only a big hit with butter lovers, but also with caramel, cheese, nacho, frosting lover. And we offer even more toppings! Our prices are regularly unbeatable, and at wholesale prices it’s a full-scale, blow-out sale every day. Get your supplies now and save!

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