Home of the Underdogs: A Great Educational Website Essay

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Home of the Underdogs: A Great Educational Website

In a website called Home of the Underdogs (http://www. the-underdogs. info/genre. php? name=Education&subgen=Language), there is an education genre where Language is one of the subgenres apart from Advanced Education, Arts or Literature, Early Childhood, General Knowledge, Math or Logic, Music, Problem Solving, Science, Social Studies, Typing or Writing, and Various Subjects (Home of the Underdogs, 2004). The Language section has great stuffs to use, such as Alf’s World of Words, Letter-Go-Round, Lingua Match, Mind Castle: Spell of the Word Wizard, and Reader Rabbit among others.

There are exactly 18 Language games to choose from. If we add the other games in the other subgenres under the genre ‘Education’, then we would come to approximately 250 games all in all, and that is very helpful when teaching kids that are at least 3 years of age. The contents of this could be used when preparing a lesson plan like, for example, when preparing games or activities that can be drawn on the blackboard during discussion.

We can apply Reader Rabbit, for example, by drawing a picture at the center and then spelling out three easy-to-read words (only 3 letters) beside the picture. There would be a clue above the picture on which letter it starts from, and by that the initial sound of that one letter can be read out loud. It would be good to read the three words that are beside the picture as well, so as to train them on the skill of reading. This is the same with Reader Rabbit’s game called ‘picture labeler’.

There are three others that can be used as well: word sorter, word train, and memory game (Home of the Underdogs, 2004). Reader Rabbit is great for kids who are from 3-7 years of age, since it teaches them the skill of reading and spelling words. The word train, on the other hand, can be used by drawing a picture and a train that carries with it a couple of words that are almost the same. There are just so many in that website that can be used for preparing specific lessons for the kids.

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