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Home Depot

The company I am selecting for this project is Home Depot. Home Depot is an American company involved in home improvement and construction products and services. This company is situated in Atlanta and is considered as the largest home improvement retailer in United States of America.

The firm works in a retail industry with emphasis on the selling of products related to the construction business with more focus on providing services which focus on providing solutions to the customer needs in terms of providing excellent services with more focus on respecting the customers as well as the society within which the firm works.

The rationale behind selecting this company is the fact that it is the largest firm in its chosen field of business and only the second largest retailer in US. Over the period of time, it has emerged itself as one of the most successfully companies with innovative management practices and strategies which allowed taking lead from its much stronger competitors.

The history of the company is not that old as the firm was founded in late 1970’s. Success in such short period of time speaks volumes about the way company has been managed and taken care off. Further, it is also important to mention that the company has diversified into many different businesses thus providing itself necessary leverage to withstand different economic shocks as well as external risks. Recent performance of the firm suggest that there has been, on average, a growth of 10% which has been achieved by the company pointing towards the strong market potential as well as penetration of the firm into the local market. It is because of these reasons that I have chosen this company for my project.

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