Home decor: introducing faux bear pelts and cheetah print rugs

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Today more and more people are trying to preserve the planet’s animal life. Perhaps this endeavor can best be seen in the sustained efforts of various animal rights lobby groups which vigorously campaigning against animal cruelty. In the past many people used actual animal pelts as items for home decor but now we have the perfect substitutes in animal print rugs which you can use without feeling guilt-ridden.
Most of these rugs are actually printed in textile mills after designers have used synthetic materials to create faux fur that has the look and feel of real animal pelts.

This means that you can actually enjoy the coziness associated with real animal fur but without any animal having been killed. Arguably the most sought after animal print rugs currently are the deep white, brown or black colors of faux bear pelt, and the striking gold and dark brown spots of cheetah print rugs.
The faux bear pelt has become very popular on account of its thickness and plush nature; many people really enjoy sinking their feet into these rugs, and which come in many different designs.

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The black or brown faux bear pelt, for instance, will surely provide your sitting room with an attractive look that will make the atmosphere feel quite warm and inviting. How about a white faux bear pelt for your child’s bedroom? This will definitely make for a very cozy playing floor surface. Bear pelts are also well suited for other rooms including the study, bedrooms, and even a lounge.

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Faux cheetah print rugs on the other hand, are famous for introducing striking elements of appeal that interestingly break the monotony of just about any interior. The golden and dark brown spots that cheetah pelts are known for serve to give our interiors new and interesting sets of motifs. These lively and warm colors work to give any room an exquisite look – you can use rugs with cheetah prints to create a wild outdoor theme in your room. What’s more, softened tone cheetah print rugs are used to achieve a feeling of luxurious softness. These types of rug are especially adored by many nature lovers.
Faux cheetah print rugs and bear pelts are easy to maintain and they are quite durable. In fact, you can actually clean them using a washing machine and they will not get harmed. Moreover, these rugs are available in varied designs, shapes and sizes; the enchanting nature of these rugs will surely brighten up whatever room they are placed in. Ensure that you choose a rug that will match perfectly with the decor of your room. You can easily buy these accessories from reputable online rug stores.

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