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Holocaust refers to the genocide of approximately 6million Jews during the World War II (www. erchufschmid. net/Holocausts. html-holocausts). This program was executed by the National Socialist regime in Germany, which was led by Adolf Hitler . It was deliberate extermination of the Jews. There were also, other groups of people who were persecuted together with the Jews. They include the following; the Roma, Soviets (Prisoners of war or ethnic poles), Slavic people, the disabled, gay men, political and religious dissidents. Various stages were used in the persecution and genocide.

Before the World War II, legislation to remove Jews from civil society had already been enacted. Inmates in the established concentration camps were used as slave labour until they could die of exhaustion or diseases . A Third Reich group having conquered new territory in Eastern Europe, had specialized units called Einsatzgruppen. It is here that the Jews and political opponents of the National Socialist regime in Germany were murdered in mass shootings, Holocaust and holocausts.

The Jews and the Roma would also be crammed into ghettos, then transported by freight train hundreds of miles to extermination camps. Majority of them were killed in gas chambers, if they ever survived the journey by the train. There were very horrible conditions in the camps . It is said that, the death rates at the concentration camps were so high, from malnutrition, typhus and exhaustion that the disposal of corpses became a serious problem. www. erichuschmid. net/holocaust. html-Holocaust Execution devices such as the gallows were used to execute prisoners .

A T-4 organization camouflaging medical institutions was created for killing the mental and physical defectives. The organization later developed the technology that was used for mass murder-Euthanasia centres. The centres were equipped with gas chambers. Globalization played a role in holocaust. Even in the modern world holocausts have been motivated by globalization to some extent. This was and is still due to the war against nature, women, children and the poor. This transformed communities and homes into war zones.

Due to globalization, nations and industries have focused so exclusively on commerce, economic growth and material accumulation. This has changed human interactions with each other into holocausts. During the World War II, the National Socialist regime in Germany put its selfish needs above the ethics and morals of the global society. One of the genocidal aspects of globalization is denying food to the hungry and feeding the markets. The ultimate crime in the globalization regime is whereby countries cannot feed the hungry because this involves laws, policies and financial commitments.

The ill are denied medicine so that the global pharmaceutical industry can make profits. ”Under the Trade Related Intellectual Property Agreement of the World Trade Organization countries have to implement patent laws granting exclusive, monopolistic rights to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry”(Shiva V. 2001). This prevents production of low cost generic drugs. AIDS victims are being literally robbed of their lives by patents. Globalization is thought to be a violent system that is imposed and maintained through violence use-an example being a holocaust.

Trade elevation above human needs and appetite for global market resources has resulted to new wars over the resources, killing thousands of people. German nation was a killer. This is because, the Germans went beyond their locality. While other mass murders have aimed people within the killing culture, the Germans went beyond their locality to murder people . For example Hutus killed their resident Tutsis and Turks their resident Armenians”(Shiva V. 2001). The Nazi’s meanwhile went hunting for their victims through countries. They then gathered and destroyed them. Poverty is lack of important needs that determine the quality of life.

For example, food, clothing and shelter. Poverty is manifested in various social problems. A good example is ‘homelessness’ and people living in ‘ghettos’. During the holocaust, the Jews were exposed to very poor living conditions. Jews and Roma were put to live in ghettos, and extermination camps (The following is my (Mary) interview of my friend, Kayla Rugnetta with his grandfather . He was in the War and the concentration camps. ) Mary: Hi Kayla. Good afternoon Kayla’s grandpa? Kayla: We are fine. Meet my grandpa who was in the World War II and in the concentration camps.

He will share with you his experience, which was very horrifying. It makes me very sad every time I think of it. Grandpa: The experiences were so horrible and dehumanising that sometimes I wonder how I survived them. Mary: Please explain to me what really used to happen in those camps . I’m sorry if I trigger very painful memories. Grandpa :Its not a problem my child . The World has learnt from the history . I hope that all of us, will learn from it, including you. What happened has been referred to as a holocaust. It was led by National Socialist regime of Germany. Adolph Hitler led it.

There was execution of around 10million people. Others included the Roma, Soviets, Slavic people, the disabled, gay men and political enemies. Adolph Hitler led it. There was execution of around 10 million people, 6 million being Jews. Others included the Roma, Soviets, Slavic people, the disabled, gay men and political enemies. Mary: How did they carry out the persecution and execution? Grandpa: There were various stages that were used in the persecution and genocide . The inmates who were in the concentration camps like me, were used as slave labour, until they die of either exhaustion or diseases.

The camps had very horrible conditions. The death rates were so high, from malnutrition, typhus and exhaustion that the disposal of corpses became a serious problem. Gallows were also used as execution devices of prisoners of war. Mary: What else was used? Grandpa: There was a T-4 organization that was created for killing of mental and physical defectives . The program later developed the technology of Euthanasia that was used for mass murder . The Euthanasia centres were equipped with gas chambers that used carbon monoxide. Mary: Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I have definitely learnt from them. Recommendations One way of preventing holocausts would be to create good relations with other people or states in the world. This prevents hatred that may be motivated by bad relations. Conflicts and wars that arise between enemy countries will be forgotten. This would hinder any holocaust like in the past, which killed so many people (www. eastrenfrewshire. gov. uk/holocaust/holocaust-remembrance 2004-holocaust. htm. Globalization has led to holocausts even in the modern world. Hungry people have been denied food, in order to feed the global markets.

The ill are denied medicine so that the global pharmaceutical industry can make profits. These genocidal situations are as a result of globalization. Global laws, policies and commitments should not put profit above life, and commerce above justice. Poverty makes people vulnerable to holocausts. Poor living conditions and standards expose people to high risks of insanitation, diseases, malnutrition and crime . All these contribute largely to holocausts. Poverty eradication in the societies is therefore one sure way of preventing holocausts. Equal sharing of resources would be good, in order to create a sense of fairness for everyone.

Hatred does not arise from marginalization of one group of people. Conclusion Holocaust resulted to the death of over 10 million people. It exposed human beings to the most dehumanising conditions and actions ever seen on the face of the earth. Globalization, Localization and Poverty have been linked to the occurrence of holocausts, both in the past and the modern world. Creating good relations amongst people of the world, distribution of resources equally, ensuring global policies and laws promote life and justice and poverty eradication would work well to prevent occurrence of holocausts again.

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