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Essay on Holmes

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Rise of Detective Fiction as a Genre

Imagine this, a young doctor, fresh from his deployment in India, wandering the bosling streets of Victorian London on the hunt for logdings. Suddenly, he stumples across an old friend in a local pub who for some unknown reason knows another gentleman looking for a flatmate. After, a short back and forth getting down central details of the mystery gentleman, the young doctor agrees to meet him or rather cannot wait to meet his new acquantance. His friend arranges a…...

The Great Grimpen Mire

In Chapter 7 Stapleton talks of how Ponies have been sucked into the Great Grimpen Mire, this seems random and makes you think that something concerning the Great Grimpen Mire is going to happen. Chapter 8 is Watson's first report where he talks about Barrymore, the butler, who has been sneaking around the Baskerville Hall in the night time. There is no reason why Barrymore has done this and it adds an eerie feeling to the atmosphere. Watson then describes…...

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Helen and Holmes

Holmes is really observant as he recognized that Helen had come by train and that she must have started her journey early. Also, at the crime scene, the bed was attached to the floor which Holmes left Holmes thinking. When Dr. Roylott visited Holmes and leaves trying to scare him by bending the poker, Holmes clearly shows that he is not scared by saying 'I am not quite so bulky, but if he had remained, I might have shown him…...

The Red-Headed League

In The Red-Headed League he quickly deduces the real persona of Vincent Spaulding and in The Speckled Band he is fast to decipher the clues in Dr Roylott's room. He is shown to have a vast knowledge of tattoos in The Red-Headed League; 'I have made a small study of tattoo marks'. He is shown also to have an advanced knowledge of 'turf matters' in Silver Blaze when he explains how Silas Brown intended to 'make a slight nick upon…...

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes himself is a mysterious character he speaks his mind to every person he comes in to contact with, regardless of his or her public status, Holmes himself thinks him self-superior to the law and will break it if necessary to crack a case. When he does this he gives very little thought to what consequences he may have brought upon himself. Holmes will sit up in his chair for hours on end smoking his pipe, trying to work out…...

"A Scandal In Bohemia" and "The Dancing Men"

Moreover, having studied these three stories thoroughly I have realised how observant Holmes can be. This is emphasized by minor incidents to show the readers how good Holmes is at his job and how good his powers of deduction are. There is minor incident to emphasize Holmes abilities, for example The Speckled Band Holmes tells Helen how she arrived in specific what transport she used to approach Holmes. " I observe the second half of a return ticket in the…...

Sherlock Holmes: Direct Speech Usage

'The youth was hit in the middle of the back. His arms went out. The impact of the bullet carried him off guard. He reeled towards the pavement. A second bullet struck him in the back of the head.'  This example shows the brutality of the Junta. They shot a youth twice in broad daylight because he ran away from them. This example did not move the story any further with Andres it just shows the rancorousness of the Junta,…...

Sherlock Holmes Opium Den

In The Man with the Twisted Lip one of the main settings is the opium den. This is a spooky setting, in a seedy area makes a direct reference to social and historical issues at the time. It is between a gin shop, making references to the alcohol use and a slop shop which was a cheap clothes shop reflecting the poverty of the times. Slop shop is alliterated; alliteration is commonly used in prose, particularly to highlight short phrases.…...

Sherlock Holmes Description

Introduction Sherlock Holmes is a well known detective, in a series of stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. All of the stories go into great detail as to what life was like in the Nineteenth to the early twentieth century. The stories I have been studying are named 'The Speckled Band', 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' and 'The Copper Beeches'. In this essay I will be covering the four main points of the three stories that I studied. The…...

Sherlock Holmes and Tony Reseck

The two characters whom I aim to compare are the heroes in two short stories, from the detective genre. One is Sherlock Holmes, the star of "The Speckled Band" and many other stories by Arthur Conan-Doyle. The other is Tony Reseck, a very different style of detective from Raymond Chandler's "Ill Be Waiting". These characters reflect the eras in which they were written. The reasoning behind this statement is that they were written for contemporary audiences. For this reason they will…...

The Final Problem

The tension and mood is built up in simple yet effective ways. Although the reader knows from the opening paragraphs that Holmes' demise is near, it remains a shocking conclusion. Holmes asks Watson if he would be "unconventional" when it comes to his departure. Holmes wants to leave by "scrambling" over Watson's back garden wall. From these things you can sense that Holmes is not his usual self on that day. He is acting differently - full of fear and…...

The Hound Of The Baskervilles: Characters Analysis

Our encounter with the Stapleton's provides more questions, "What sort of facts?"  Watson was asking questions to himself. When Stapleton's first meets Watson, he asks all kind of questions to Holmes about the case, and about Sir Henry. On the over hand, we are suppose to believe that the convicts behaviour makes him look suspicious, Selden is a convicted killer who recently escaped out of prison. On the other hand, we are also supposed to believe that Mr Stapleton is…...

Analysis of Speckled Band

Look carefully at 'The Speckled Band' and 'The Engineer's Thumb. ' How does the writer create mystery and suspense in these stories? Explain how he uses language to create character and atmosphere. What does this tell about the conventions of the Victorian short story? The two stories that are referred to in this essay are, 'The Speckled Band' and 'The Engineer's Thumb', both are written by Arthur Conan Doyle and describe two of the many adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 'The…...

The detectives of XIX-XX centuries in literature

The five traditional elements The story had still contained the five traditional elements but I felt the story to have lacked in its plot. There was the perfect crime, how the blue carbuncle got to get in the Turkey and there was the wrongly accused. When Sherlock had the acquaintance Henry Baker, Sherlock thought it was Henry Baker who committed the crime, however when interviewing the suspect Sherlock thought Mr Baker would have had a different reaction to the situation.…...

Analysation of the detective genre, Sherlock Holmes

Learning about the stories through Watson's eyes can cause mis-understandings, for the readers, or benefit them. For example, in 'The Speckled Band', Holmes says to Watson, ''Do you see it Watson, do you see it? '', Watson replies, ''No Holmes I did not''. Insert a phrase explaining what Watson has not seen. Some of the advantages of this method would be it allows the readers to try and solve the mystery themselves, it gives readers an insight into Watson's feelings…...

An analysis of the Detective Genre

The detective genre is a style of writing which follows a strict set of conventions, for example the criminal must be introduced early, not just brought in at the end. Edgar Allen Poe, an American, wrote the first detective story, 'Murder on the rue Morgue. ' All detective stories are based on and influenced by this story. Doyle's stories follow the conventions of Poe's 'Murder on the rue Morgue' as in most of Doyle's stories are 'locked room' cases and…...

Pax Romana vs The British Empire

The British Empire covered 20% of the earth's surface, which made it the biggest empire in the world and along with it made Britain the richest country in the world. The people of Britain in this time often referred to the British Empire as Pax Britannica, Latin for British peace. In doing so they thought that by taking over other poorer countries and bringing peace to their inhabitants, they were comparing themselves to the ancient Romans and their mighty empire…...

Phyricc Victory

The final aspects of the two stories that I will compare are the endings. When comparing the endings of the two stories, one can see how the two are very different, but still reflect the eras. When Holmes solves the case and completes his triumph over Grimesby-Roylott, it is a complete and satisfactory ending to the story. He manages to independently solve the case, and with it killing the Doctor. (The Doctor was sending a poisonous snake through a vent…...

Sherlock Holmes stories

Sherlock Holmes also follows clues in "The Speckled Band". The first clue is that a fraction of Dr Roylott's money would go to Helen Stoner if she got married. Dr Roylott was very in need of money. He is also a very bad-tempered character so we are led to believe that he could do something terrible. Sherlock Holmes also inspected the house to find clues in Helen's room, which were the bell-rope, which wasn't connected to a wire and a…...

The story to a romance

The women compare the story to a romance, something that Holmes would never do. Marston is more concerned for Thaddeus' welfare than the opportunity of money. Holmes completely absorbs himself in the case, which he says is 'consuming me'. He 'busied himself all evening' an experiment. While Holmes trusts Watson, he knows that Watson can not do as good a job as himself. Watson finds it hard to doubt Holmes. Athelney Jones secretly admires Holmes, but sees him as a rival purely…...

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