Hollywood and Hip Hop Stereotypes Essay

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Hollywood and Hip Hop Stereotypes

For this activity, I choose this picture of American tennis champion Serena Williams. In the photo, Williams is wearing the latest attire for tennis which tends to reveal more skin as shown in her midriff-baring shirt for women players though it is meant to allow more freedom of movement and at the same time keep the player’s bodies from heating up during grueling matches. In this photo, it would appear Williams typifies the brute stereotype associated with African-Americans where those who are physically endowed, especially men, are savage, wild and violent and likely to be lustful (Ferris State University, 2010).

Although this tag applies to men, this photo shows it could be applied to Serena though she has not declared herself a lesbian. Her physique is the result of her intense training regimen that comes with being an athlete in a sport that also requires strength. She can hardly be labeled as “Mammy” or even ”Jezebel” where the former is laid-back and docile and the other is alluring but promiscuous. Her powerful strokes, her rippling muscles and nearly her athleticism makes her a “Brute” as all blacks are treated this way whenever they try are associated with sports.

In conclusion, it would appear are blacks athletes or anyone physically endowed for that matter are classified brutes and along with that are the jokes or stereotyping. Racists believe this is the result of the evolution from apes to humans as the former are renowned to be the very aggressive and violent and the black people are said to have inherited these same animal traits which makes them faster, stronger, and more durable. Naturally, nobody in his right mind would think every black man is a dangerous animal waiting for the right moment to unleash his beastly qualities.

If one were to judge a person it should not be on the basis of his ability, rather than the color of his skin and should not immediately subscribe to stereotypes despite the fact they do excel in sports. It is apt to frighten the womenfolk, prompting their fathers or husbands to protect them from these “savages” which of course, is wrong. Reference Ferris State University. (2010). Jim Crow Museum of Leftist Memorabilia. Retrieved July 24, 2010, from Ferris State University: http://www. ferris. edu/jimcrow/menu. htm

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