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Hollyoaks and targeted Essay

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My soap opera is going to be on channel 4 because my soap is going to be similar to Hollyoaks and targeted at a younger audience. It’ll be aimed at younger people because my cast is mostly young adults or late teens, but their will also be older characters to play the motherly/fatherly figures. My soap opera is going to be on at 20:30 so it doesn’t clash with any big soaps like Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale or Hollyoaks.

I also chose channel 4 because when my soap finishes at 21:00 ‘Big Brother’ starts and this is one of the most popular programmes of all time so this may make people watch my soap preparing for ‘Big Brother’ and may attract more viewers. Characters. Sam Cole-22- Captain of Newcastle A. F. C very popular and rich. Has a girlfriend called Chantelle who is mainly after his money and fame. He is also under stress most of the time because of some photos of him breaking the law. Chantelle Young-20- Sam’s girlfriend who is a model and is usually away on business, she is also secretly having a affair with Sam’s best friend Sol Patton.

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Sol Patton-28- Quiet character, is having an affair with Chantelle, and for his career at Newcastle A. F. C has been a victim of racism. Frank Mullen-65- Manager of Newcastle A. F. C, is very precise about how he likes things and because he is so rich and famous he always gets what he wants. Hates the paparazzi because they portray people as other things. Kieran Patrick-17- Youngest footballer at Newcastle A. F. C is the football wonder boy, his nickname is paddy and he and his mother are very close.

Trisha Patrick-48- Kieran’s mother, she has also just been diagnosed with cancer and is scared because her husband died due to cancer. Terry Ord-32- Coach of Newcastle A. F. C is very strict with the players and in the past hit some of them. Nikki Davies-21- Little model who wants to be a footballer’s wife, goes to all the VIP parties to try and get a rich and famous boyfriend. Beverly Patton-70- Sol’s grandma, she knows everything about Sol and the racism she try’s and helps him through life being the motherly figure.

Stephen Thompson-25- Sam Coles x-best friend, used Sam for who he was to get money. Villain of the soap. Lea Mac-43- Cleaner at Newcastle A. F. C also the villain of the soap as she is sneaky and steals from the football club. David Ellison- Newcastle A. F. C secretary, rich powerful man. Settings My soap is based around Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. Newcastle A. F. C football ground-home to all the players for when they aren’t at home. Linden Hall- Big posh housing estate where most of the players and manager lives.

Quayside- All the footballers and footballers wives meet up here to drink and have meals. Very up to date venue and very expensive. Metro Centre- A big shopping centre where all the players and players wives shop, special car park and restaurant so the news reporters or paparazzi don’t see them. Morpeth- Quiet little town where players meet up so nobody can find them and they are not being followed by the paparazzi and the crazy fans. The slug & lettuce- A posh restaurant in the Quayside where all VIP parties are held and also where players eat and drink. Storylines.

Sol Patton starts receiving racist postcards through the door and is worried because he doesn’t know who is sending them. He has suffered from racism all his time at Newcastle but nothing has come through his door and the reason he is worried is because they know where he lives. He tells his grandma Beverly and she tells him to go straight to the police but he doesn’t want the tabloids knowing what is going on. Sol is also having an affair with Chantelle and when he tells her what he has been receiving she doesn’t seem to bothered, and Sol is guessing if maybe it his her because she knows where he lives.

Sol pays someone to trick Chantelle but instead of tricking her they go straight to the papers and everyone is guessing who is sending them. Sol confronts Chantelle and she says it is not her, but when one of the postcards has finger prints on he takes it to the police and they find out that it was Terry Ord the coach. The reason he was sending them was to make Sol play better so the racism would disappear. Terry gets a i?? 15,000 fine for internal harm and is thrown out of Newcastle A. F. C Sam and Stephen are out drinking in Morpeth in a quite pub.

Sam is talking about how he misses Chantelle because she has been at work for a while and hasn’t been home, Stephen suggests he takes some heroin to loosen himself up, Sam isn’t to found of the idea but Stephen persuades him. They both go to the toilet and while Sam is sniffing his first ever line Stephen grabs his phone and starts taking pictures. At first Sam isn’t to bothered because the drugs were getting to him but as they leave the pub later that night Sam asked him to delete them Stephen says no and says if Sam doesn’t give him what he wants then he will give them to the press.

Sam is scared and goes home waiting for Stephen to ring him. When Stephen rings him he says he wants i?? 12,000 for the phone Sam agrees and meets up with him. They exchange the money for the phone but when Stephen left his car crashed with something faulty on the car. Sam is the only suspect and gets all over the newspaper. But the case is dropped when there was a breakthrough with the case ands someone stepped forward saying they purposefully fiddled with the brakes. Trisha Patrick is diagnosed with breast cancer but it is too late to cure it and the doctors say she only has a year at the most to live.

She wanted to hide it from Kieran but in an argument over him moving in with a team mate she says she wants to spend as much time as possible with him because she only has a year to live with cancer. Kieran is upset and says he is going to give up football so he can spend the rest of his mothers life with her. Trisha says she doesn’t want him to miss out on his football but he says he is spending all his time with his mam no matter what anyone says. His mam finally gives up her fight and says she wants to move away, Kieran agrees and they end up leaving for America. Kieran left in that way so he can return in the future.

Chantelle is sick of Sam whinging about Stephens death so she goes to the Slug & Lettuce. There she met Sol who she told what was the matter and he told her about his past. As they were talking they were drinking quite heavily and one thing led to another. Sol asked her if she wanted to go back to his house for a drink she agreed but they ended up having sexual intercourse Sol regrets it but Chantelle thinks its more of a chance for fame and money. Sol begs her not to tell anyone or his career will be over Chantelle agrees but says they must keep seeing each other. Sol agrees because he wants no one knowing about them.

Later in their affair there is a hitch when manager Frank sees them kissing. He confronts Sol and Sol says there’s nothing going on so he goes and sees Chantelle she says that he is threatening her. Frank tries to handle it but it gets loose to the papers and Sol still says nothing ever happened but Chantelle says he threatened her over the relationship because he had no one else. Lea Mac who has worked as a cleaner at Newcastle A. F. C for eleven years has been recently stealing from the safe. She finds the safe key code in Franks draw and has a look inside she cannot resist and takes a batch of money.

She takes i 20,000 over a year and thinks she isn’t going to get found out. Secretary David Ellison noticed the Clubs money is disappearing. David asks manager Frank if he has taken any he says no and says if there’s money missing its David’s fault because he is in charge of it. David knows its someone in the staff so he puts a new code on the safe and asks to see all the staffs bank balances for the past 6 months, everyone agrees to show there balances apart from Lea who fleas the club. The police find out and chase her down they find her and she gets three year in prison and all her belongings repossessed.

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