Holistic Approach to Study of Literature

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The word holistic was not really part of my vocabulary until this week. Now that I understand its meaning, I can make sense of many things, and I can say that I agree with a holistic approach not just to literature but also education as a whole. One of the points discussed in lesson number one is the failure of the education system in America.

The main problem with our education system is that we have divorced education from character building and making proper life choices; in other words we have focused on getting information into the minds of the students but we have completely forgotten to teach them how to use it, how to live properly and how to take what was learned and apply it practically.

We have forgotten the Higher purpose of education and we have forgotten that it is part of the Whole. I think that this due to the fact that with time our society has become more and more secularized.

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We want to allow for people to live their lives with all the freedom that they want; because of that we don’t tell students how to live, that is seen as violating personal liberties. As Christians we need to understand that we don’t just have to teach and learn facts, numbers and rules; we need take all that data and give it meaning and purpose. In the case of literature, it is important we understand that God has a purpose for it… that it should affect the way we live.

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Holistic Approach to Study of Literature

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