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It is hard to find someone, who does not like Christmas. This is one of the most favorite holidays, when families get together, decorate the house, install Christmas tree, prepare some favorite meals, or even arrange parties. And, of course, give and receive presents! I had many interesting celebrations of Christmas, which were different from each other. Once in primary school we arranged a Christmas carnival. There was a beautiful Christmas tree, a lot of delicious meals and music, and, of course, Santa Claus with his presents for every child.

Once, on the day before the Christmas my parents decided to make some huge shopping. We bought full truck of the things for house, starting from armchairs, kitchenware, and ending with decorations. So we spent all the Christmas vacations enjoying our new stuff and arranging it. In my secondary school times I had a table mate, who happened to break her leg right on the eve of Christmas. So I bought some presents and chocolates for her, and went to the hospital to bring some happiness to that girl, whose family was rather poor.

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When I was 14, we went to my aunt’s place for Christmas.

I spent some great time there, because I like my cousins very much and we always have a lot of fun together. We played games and had some amazing night forest hike in Christmas night. Two years later the family of my aunt joined my family in celebrating Christmas. So together with my cousins we went to a bowling club and had amazing evening of playing bowling.

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I proved to be really good in that! And then we had a good party at home again. Once, before having traditional Christmas family gathering, we went to a music club with my friends. There a female band named Rockland Ladies played live.

That was impressive: we were dancing and having pretty good time! The last Christmas I spent in a ski mountain camp with my university friends. We went to one of the ski resorts in Colorado and had some great Christmas vacations on the opened air! I think that it is wonderful to celebrate Christmas holiday in a new way every year. That is how I can recreate myself, have some perfect rest and get ready for a new year, and also receive many positive emotions and different unforgettable impressions.


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