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Holidays in Vietnam Speaking topic


The Concept Of Filled Vacation has Change

There are some people who love to play on laptops, work on social networking sites or be in touch with their friends or relatives via email instead of exploring nature and enjoying outdoor activities. Nevertheless people do enjoy their vacations although the concept has under gone a change. For children the lazy holidays seems to be out, while a break from school is needed, students are still enc...

My Best Gift

It was a Big Surprise Gift of this Summer. Samsung Galaxy was my gift, I like it the most because of its Look and feel, Awesome features, It has Touch Screen, Fantastic Camera with Video recording, Excellent Music Player, FM, Bundle of Wonderful Apps and Marvelous Gaming Box, We also got many Paid games. I played games like Temple Run 1 and 2, Fruit Ninja, Piano Perfect and other mind boggling gam...

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My First Trip to the Beach

It was wonderful because I had never being on a beach, and I had never seen the Sea, so we enjoy a lot and there we met a friendly people who were also on holidays. We get a lot of rest, we went to swim every day, and we had time to know about a group of Indians who still lived in a natural way, without cloths, and their houses were natural tents which are called huts. I enjoyed a lot of and got r...

The Day I First Rode a Go-Kart

I was set to go. I had my boiler suit and helmet on and at that moment I felt invincible! There was nothing now that could stop me from fulfilling adventure. As I settled into the seat of the kart, I felt an enormous amount of power and supremacy. The feeling was like no other. I was in charge of this powerful beast of a machine. I turned the key in the ignition, and felt a tremendous shudder as ...

The Importance of Vacation and Relaxation

Relaxation is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my grandmother's house. It is a place where the stresses of my life cannot bother me. The weather, surroundings, and sensations make Florida a wonderful place to experience serenity and a bit if heaven. Whenever I smell the perfumed scent of flowers, my mind automatically connects with the utopia I am in while at my grandmother's hous...

An interesting weekend

We also feasted our eyes on beautiful and strange looking flowering plants and even picked some flowers for Karim's mother. We reached the summit two hours later. The scene was simply breathtaking ! It was covered with light frost and the weather was rather chilly. But we were sweating and actually enjoyed the cool air. Famished, we gobbled our sandwiches. they never tasted better. After relaxing ...

Student's Vacations

As a result of having nothing to do with too much free time, students - especially teenagers - tend to spend their time to hang out with friends, gossip and some of them can commit crime. A short break will not give them this free time: they have to come back to school before they find that they have nothing else to do during their vacation. For young children at primary school, their parents wil...

Public Holidays And Celebrations

Summer Bank Holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in August or on the first Monday in September, depending on which of the Monday is nearer to September 1st. If the weather is fine, many families go for a picnic and enjoy their meal in the open. On Summer Bank Holiday most people tend to live cities and towns and go to the country. There is also much boating activity on the Thames, regattas at ...

Holidays in Kazakhstan

Victory Day takes place on the 9th of May. It is a legendary day, when all generations wait for this date to congratulate people, who gave us the Peace in 1945.Unfotubately, Veterans of war we can count on fingers of one hand. We show our respect and gratitude to these people for our saved lives. All day street festivals are held all around the city. In the end of this occasion people come to the ...

Gregorian Calender

In a way both calendars actually could be used in modern day society since individuals are so familiar with how both calendars work. However, since people are just more familiar with the term “Gregorian Calendar” and since this calendar is currently more up to date, the “Gregorian Calendar” would most likely be more useful in todays’ culture. Although there are many other types of calend...

Christmas - 8th Grade Expository Example

Spending time with all of my family over Christmas Break is a great time that is very special to me…and getting little gifts is an added bonus! Just like most people I know, I think Christmas is the best holiday ever! Having such a long time off from school is a much-needed break in the middle of the school year. Because the break is so long, my family can fit in time to fly back home to Pennsyl...

Valentines Day

In addition Valentine’s Day remains a worthless holiday for many people because, loving someone only one day out of the year isn’t how a relationship works. Plus Valentine’s Day is all about couples and sales. Valentine’s day is a holiday that offers a great opportunity to express on how we choose to celebrate love. For many people on valentine's day they keep with traditional method which...

Holidays at Home

In the land of his birth a student will be more relaxed and better rested for his up coming return to the mundane world of university. However, this also means that he will not have access to the school library and other resources of the university. Then again, the internet will help bridge that gap. Finally, with so many relatives and friends to catch up with the foreign student may not be to fin...

Holidays & Christmas Carnivals

That was impressive: we were dancing and having pretty good time! The last Christmas I spent in a ski mountain camp with my university friends. We went to one of the ski resorts in Colorado and had some great Christmas vacations on the opened air! I think that it is wonderful to celebrate Christmas holiday in a new way every year. That is how I can recreate myself, have some perfect rest and get r...

Favorite Holidays

1. One of my favorite Holidays is 4th of July. A few years ago my dad and I went to Washington to pick out some illegal fireworks. So we went to the Black Cat firework store . I got some mortars and roman candles and all the fun fireworks you could think of. So the day before 4th of July we were lighting off a few roman candles and all of a sudden a under cover police car pulled into our driveway ...

Identification of the Organization’s Cultural Elements

A multi-cultural perspective in every element of the business can also assist in avoiding situations that can have a negative impact on the company's reputation. Cultural awareness helps ensure that every activity the business undertakes does not offend any culture and that its reputation remains safe regardless of the cultural environment (Frankel, 2015). The obligation of a global organization t...

Hobbies And Leisure Time Activities Done In Holidays

Finally, Sport is one of the favorite activity that I enjoy doing in my spare time, during my holidays I usually went jogging as it helped me to relax and refreshing my mind which helped to do my daily routines enthusiastically. To sum up, hobbies or leisure time activities are really important in our lives as I mentioned above. They contribute a lot in our lives through relaxation, developing our...

Americans Should Have More Holidays and Longer Vacations

More holidays are required because the Americans work extremely hard and devote their own selves whole-heartedly towards their work ethos (Author Unknown, 2011). It is of paramount importance to know that they will be requiring more in terms of vacations because they have to refresh themselves. Americans deserve more in terms of their fun and frolic related activities as they help them to enjoy wi...

Enjoy holidays like never before with Flights to Ottawa

Ottawa is a thriving tourist destination of the world. To accommodate and entertain its guests Ottawa has world class amenities. From world class hotels, restaurants, bars, discos and pubs, Ottawa has it all that will win its visitors hearts. All types of budgets and needs and moods are met in this vibrant, colorful city. Ottawa provides you a perfect getaway from busy lives. Visitors from around ...

Enjoy Stress Free Holidays with Annual Holiday Travel Insurance

In essence, the annual holiday insurance is a lifesaver in case you lose money, personal possessions, when you need to cater for legal expenses or need cover should any kind of catastrophe occur. Of course there are stipulations as to who is eligible for the annual holiday travel insurance cover in terms of age, present health condition, the number of days you plan to spend on each holiday, and th...

Golden Triangle Tour Packages – Fill Your Holidays with Unique Experience and Monuments

Jaipur is the last destination of golden triangle tours, the capital city of colorful state Rajasthan. Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City situated in North-West direction of the state is the most visited destination in Rajasthan. There are many beautiful tourist places in the city like Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal (Water Palace), Nahargarh...

Holidays in Spain

Christmas dinner is the biggest and most important meal of the year in Spain and people use to eat more extravagantly than they do in normal days. Eating lobster and other kind of seafood is very common at Christmas times. A fish soup often makes up one course. Main courses might be roasted lamb, the traditional turkey, suckling pig, accompanied by assorted cheeses. A popular kind of candy in Spai...

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