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Holidays Essay Examples

The Concept Of Filled Vacation has Change

...There are some people who love to play on laptops, work on social networking sites or be in touch with their friends or relatives via email instead of exploring nature and enjoying outdoor activities. Nevertheless people do enjoy their vacations although the concept has under gone a change. For children the lazy holidays seems to be out, while a break from school is needed, students are still encouraged to continue their education during the vacations. The students are once again put on a tight...

My Best Gift

...Gift is an object which is given freely without expecting anything to the nearest and Dearest on particular occasion as a token of Expressing their gratitude, love and friendship, Gifts will be remembered for longer time or life time. Some of the common occasions are Birth Day, Marriage, Anniversaries, Festivals, Personal Celebrations etc., Prior to Summer Vacation, My Mom and Dad have promised me that they will get some surprise gift for me. Around the same time, My mom was looking for replacin...

My first trip to the beach

...It was wonderful because I had never being on a beach, and I had never seen the Sea, so we enjoy a lot and there we met a friendly people who were also on holidays. We get a lot of rest, we went to swim every day, and we had time to know about a group of Indians who still lived in a natural way, without cloths, and their houses were natural tents which are called huts. I enjoyed a lot of and got relaxed, because as I get to my town I felt full of energy to work, the headaches disappeared, and my...

Student's Vacations

...As a result of having nothing to do with too much free time, students - especially teenagers - tend to spend their time to hang out with friends, gossip and some of them can commit crime. A short break will not give them this free time: they have to come back to school before they find that they have nothing else to do during their vacation. For young children at primary school, their parents will not have to find a maid to look after them during a long vacation. Usually their children will hav...

Christmas - 8th Grade Expository Example

...Spending time with all of my family over Christmas Break is a great time that is very special to me…and getting little gifts is an added bonus! Just like most people I know, I think Christmas is the best holiday ever! Having such a long time off from school is a much-needed break in the middle of the school year. Because the break is so long, my family can fit in time to fly back home to Pennsylvania to have some fun playing in the snow. The fun continues indoors with family games and gifts, a...

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