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Essay on Holiday Vacation

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Rainning Adventurous Day

The next afternoon we went to the beach ,as soon as we reached we foud four wheel cars were there and so we decided to race .the destination was not clear to me but I was going first as everyone else had no much experience as I had cause I had drived the four wheel car several times which goes only on sand.i had no idea where I was going as I was going really fast and even the scene was pretty goo...

My Trip to Cameran Highlands

Undeniably, the number of eateries that have sprung up is indeed alarming. Satiated, we turned in for the night. We put on the appropriate gear and headed for Gunung Beremban for an hour of jungle-trekking. Hikers will certainly enjoy traversing the jungle paths, for they are well-maintained and easy to follow. If you find the jungle trails a little monotonous, the blossoms of brightly coloured wi...

The Importance of Vacation and Relaxation

Relaxation is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my grandmother's house. It is a place where the stresses of my life cannot bother me. The weather, surroundings, and sensations make Florida a wonderful place to experience serenity and a bit if heaven. Whenever I smell the perfumed scent of flowers, my mind automatically connects with the utopia I am in while at my grandmother's hous...

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An interesting weekend

We also feasted our eyes on beautiful and strange looking flowering plants and even picked some flowers for Karim's mother. We reached the summit two hours later. The scene was simply breathtaking ! It was covered with light frost and the weather was rather chilly. But we were sweating and actually enjoyed the cool air. Famished, we gobbled our sandwiches. they never tasted better. After relaxing ...

Unforgettable Holiday Vacation

In addition, I had my first experience to fishing, these beaches are perfect for that. I never imagined doing these things, but now I realize the diversity of wonderful things that has my country. In conclusion, courtesy existing in your people, the many events and attractions of this Island Roatan make an exceptional adventure. Now, I know Roatan has many places to explore and this is what makes...

My Unusual Vacation

There was one thought that didn’t leave my mind, even for a second, during the whole time I spent in Ukraine: “I cannot believe that this country and its fantastic nature, history and culture are so unknown to the rest of the world!” Ukraine was a true discovery for me, and one of those times when your expectations are nothing like what you really see. I have wished to visit this country two...

A Day at the Beach During Holiday With Family

Something troubling pulls at the edge of my mind, but I ignore it. A wave rolls up to the beach, crashing around me, wetting me hot body. I dig my body into the moistened ground, covering my legs and arms with the cool, wet sand. I hear my mom calling to me to come up to the umbrella. I turn back to look at her, as I do so the little thing at the edge of my mind suddenly dawns on me. I made it out...

Holiday In Malta

Malta has a rich and colorful history, dating back to the pre-historic times. Some of Malta's first buildings were its pre-historic temples. These buildings are older (but not as famous) as the Egyptian Pyramids and are World Heritage Sites. The temples are well worth a visit, should one happen to be visiting Malta. Malta was ruled by several communities and these all left their mark, especially t...

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