Hockey Cross Country Comparison Essay

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Hockey Cross Country Comparison

Hockey and Cross country are two completely different sports in many aspects for example one is played on ice and is very physical and the other you are running on dry ground and all you do is run. But in many aspects these two sports have more in common than most people would think. These two sports in some aspects are polar opposes but having played them both I can say they are very similar.

First off they both require extremely high levels of physical endurance and strength. Hockey requires you to have physical strength, quickness, and hand eye coordination. As cross country requires physical strength as well, but it also requires you to put your mind over your body, this means that no matter what kind of physical pain you may be in you have to block out the pain and keep running.

Now most people think that cross country is not a team sport and only individuals run cross country right? Well they are very wrong cross country is just as much of a team sport as hockey. In cross country you rely on your team mates to place well in their race to score points just as a hockey player would in hockey.

Both hockey and cross country require immense amounts of training. Hockey you have to train your hand eye coordination as well as having good vision and being physically strong. Cross country you must train your endurance you must have massive amounts of stamina as well as mental strength. Cross country you need a strong core and legs and stamina, but hockey requires you to be strong in every muscle group.

Hockey is a physical sport that requires you to be able to block out pain after a big hit or a player takes a puck where they don’t have any padding.

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