Hobbies: Fruit and Idle Mind Essay

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Hobbies: Fruit and Idle Mind

Hobbies are leisure time activities. They are gardening, reading books, stamp collecting, learning musical instrument such as Veena, Violin, Guitar etc., painting, photography, bee-keeping, poultry-farming, and writing stories or novels. Hobbies are for recreation and relief from routine, stereo typed and monotonous work. They help us to develop our manual skill. They kindle one’s imagination and make one give vent to one’s latent talents. They make brisk and some of them benefit us monetarily. Everyone should have a hobby. W.H.Davies, the poet writes ‘What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare’. Further an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

One must choose a hobby according to one’s tastes. They keep one engaged. They educate and help us learn many things. Some times hobbies become one’s full time profession and in a high position. Hobbies make us brisk both physically and mentally. Hobbies like stamp collection and coin collection make us rich also. So everyone should have a valuable hobby. My hobby is gardening. My father has constructed a house in one ground, there is half a ground place for gardening around the house. There is a well at the back of the house. My father advised me one day that an idle mind devil’s workshop and I should educate me and benefit me in future.

He asked me to look after the garden. After my school hours, I engage myself in gardening. I will do work such as purchasing proper seeds, sowing, weeding, watching the plant, pruning, and making channels for water. This hobby has taught me the features of the plant, and their habits and my teacher would give me suggestions as times about it. Now I have grown trees such as mango, neem, coconut, banana, guava, jack and pomegranate, plants like brinjal, tomato, ladies finger and flower plants like Rose, Jasmine, and Kanakambaram. I usually sell the fruits and vegetables to my neighbours. They gives me money. I save it in small savings scheme. My father has said that it would be helpful for my higher studies. I am happy, doing it.

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