Hmong people Essay Topics

The Hmong Used and Abused

Did the United States “used and abandoned” the Hmong? There are many debates regarding if the United States used and abandoned the Hmong, but who really is using who? There are valid arguments on both sides and depending on whom you talk with, it varies. I believe the United States did use and abandoned the… View Article

Hmong Culture

The Hmong people is a minority ethnic group that resides in several countries worldwide. Hmong people is originally from Laos, a Asian country. The Hmong people usually resides on the mountains and their life has revolved around their inherent lifestyle and beliefs. War and migration along with the long history of being an oppressed ethnic… View Article

Race And Ethnic Relations In Global Perspective

When I did my research on Hmong people in unit six I found their history and culture to be very interesting, that is why I choose the conflict of the Hmong people and the Vietnam War to do this project on. Before getting into the exact conflict and the harm that the war caused many… View Article