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To provide support for pupils, the teacher and the school in order to raise standards of achievement for all pupils (e. g. SEN, EAL, GT, all underachieving groups), by utilising advanced levels of knowledge and skills when assisting with planning, monitoring, assessing and managing classes, and to encourage pupils to become independent learners, to provide support for their welfare, and to support the inclusion of pupils in all aspects of school life. MAIN DUTIES Planning 1. Prepare lessons with teachers, participating in all stages of the planning cycle, including in lesson planning, evaluating and adjusting lessons/work plans.

. Develop and prepare resources for learning activities in accordance with lesson plans and in response to pupil need. 3. Contribute to the planning of opportunities for pupils to learn in out-of-school contexts in line with school’s policies and procedures. Teaching and Learning 4. Within an agreed system of supervision and within a pre-determined lesson framework, teach whole classes. 5. Provide detailed verbal and written feedback on lesson content, pupil responses to learning activities and pupil behaviour, to teachers and pupils.


Motivate and progress pupils’ learning by using clearly structured, interesting teaching and learning activities. 7. Be aware of and support difference and ensure all pupils have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop. 8. Promote and support the inclusion of all pupils, including those with specific needs, both in learning activities and within the classroom. 9. Use behaviour management strategies, in line with the school’s policy and procedures, to contribute to a purposeful learning environment and encourage pupils to interact and work co-operatively with others.

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0. In accordance with arrangements made by the Headteacher, progress pupils’ learning in a range of classroom settings, including working with individuals, small groups and whole classes where the assigned teacher is not present, in line with regulations and guidance under Section 133 of the Education Act 2002 and STPCD2003. 11. Organise and safely manage the appropriate learning environment and resources. 12. Promote and reinforce children’s self esteem and independence and employ strategies to recognise and reward achievement. 3. Assist the classteacher in encouraging acceptance and integration children with special needs, or from different cultures and/or with different first language. 14. Support the role of parents in pupils’ learning and contribute to/lead meetings with parents to provide constructive feedback on pupil progress, achievement and behaviour, maintaining sensitivity and confidentiality at all times. Monitoring and Assessment 15. With teachers evaluate pupils’ progress through a range of assessment activities. 16.

Assess pupils’ responses to learning tasks and where appropriate, modify methods to meet individual and/or group needs. 17. Monitor pupils’ participation and progress and provide constructive feedback to pupils in relation to their progress and achievement. 18. Assist in maintaining and analysing records of pupils’ progress. 19. Contribute to programmes of observation and assessment as planned by the teacher and provide reports, evaluations and other information to assist in the provision of appropriate support for specific children. 20.

Support the teaching staff with reporting pupils’ progress and achievements at parents meetings which are usually held outside school hours. Behavioural and Pastoral 21. Recognise and challenge any incidents of racism, bullying, harassment, victimisation and any form of abuse of equal opportunities, ensuring compliance with relevant school policies and procedures and making sure the individuals/s involved understand it is unacceptable. 22. Understand and implement school child protection procedures and comply with legal responsibilities. 23.

Assist in maintaining good discipline of pupils throughout the school and escort and supervise pupils on planned visits and journeys. 24. Provide support and assistance for children’s pastoral needs, for example, caring for sick, injured or distressed children. 25. Provide physical support and maintain personal equipment used by the children at the school. 26. Foster and maintain constructive and supportive relationships with parents/carers exchanging appropriate information, facilitating their support for their child’s attendance, access and learning, and supporting home to school and community links. 7. Supervise pupils in the playground and before school and on bus duty days and plan/organise play time activities when it is wet playtime. 28. Assist teachers by receiving instructions directly from professional or specialist support staff involved in the children’s education.

These may include social workers, health visitors, language support staff, speech therapists, educational psychologists, and physiotherapists. Other 29. Any other duties required by the class teacher, Deputy Headteacher, or the Headteacher, which is within the scope of this post. 0. To work within and encourage the school’s Equal Opportunity policy and contribute to diversity policies and programmes in relation to discriminatory behaviour. 31. To promote the safeguarding of children. 32. To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post, in accordance with the school’s Health and Safety Policy and relevant Health and Safety Guidance and Legislation. 33. To use information technology systems as required to carry out the duties of the post in the most efficient and effective manner.

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