Hitler’s Advantages Essay

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Hitler’s Advantages

Adolf Hitler, in my opinion, wouldn’t have risen to power if not for Germany’s unfortunate situation at the time (1919-1923). He was, as some people say, a “fiery speaker”, but his speeches clearly reflected certain madness in him. Hitler’s rise to power was influenced mostly by Germany’s Economic crash, the stain on their reputation and of course, his aggressive, yet convincing speeches and various deeds he used to gain popularitry.

Hitler and his National Socialist workers Party had a plan of gaining more members, since their party was quite unorganized and small. This was able to happen in 1923 when there was a sudden crash in economy. There wasn’t an ordinary type of inflation in Germany, but what was dubbed “hyper inflation”. From the sounds of it, it was a very bad situation for Germans, especially the poor ones. This hyper inflation occurred the moment French troops invaded to collect the reparations. At once, Hitler used this opportunity to start some rallies and mass protests even though they were not allowed to do so according to the local police. And this resulted to the recruitment of many more new members of the Nazi party and everyone took comfort in blaming the Jews for their misfortunes. This could be noted as one of the factors that helped Hitler’s rise to power. (http://www2.dsu.nodak.edu/users/dmeier/Holocaust/hitler.html).

Germany’s unexpected retreat during the First World War had a lasting effect on Germans. They thought they were winning and suddenly, they find themselves retreating. That wasn’t all, The Treaty of Versailles was signed and this treaty practically blamed them for the entire war and ordered them to pay reparations which were 132 million marks (this had a hand in hyper inflation). Germans called the men that signed this treaty “November Criminals”.

Hitler alongside other Germans hated the fact that they were now at the mercy of the Allied forces; a great country such as theirs had been reduced to nothing. To make things much more humiliating for them, 13% of their land were taken from them and were given to other countries, old and new. This all led to hatred and a cry for a powerful man. Hitler was to be that man because he preached hatred and anti Semitism passionately. He also let the people know of his well meant interests for a better Germany. This is another factor that made Hitler a little popular during the time and helped in his rise to power.

Hitler was a good speaker. He started in the Nazi party as a speaker until he became the leader in 1921. Hitler’s speeches were able to convert people into Nazism and everyone began to hate Communists and Jews. Hitler had used his speeches to convince the Germans that the Jews were responsible for their misfortunes, so the people followed his views on Jews. But during all this, he was well known in only Munich, it was after his attempted Putsch that others began to hear of him and his speeches in court when he was on trial for treason. Many people gave their support at this moment and all of a sudden, the Nazi became one of the largest parties in Germany.

In order to accomplish all this, Hitler needed one thing from the people, hatred. The Treaty of Versailles left a scar on Germany making everyone angry with the new Weimar republic. Hitler used this hate to his advantage and put himself in charge with the support of the people who believed he was the “messiah”. His rule began the Third Reich.

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