Hitler Speech Essay

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Hitler Speech

Adolph Hitler is known by his charismatic personality, his strict military background, and his expressive and formal attitude in giving speeches. Hitler’s speech given on the 26th of September 1938, among all the millions of words that he addressed to his audience, is the most enthusiastic, optimistic, and motivated speeches I’ve read. Hitler started off his speech insisting to solve the problem he has in Europe, he showed that he is persistent, determined and eager to do so. Withdrawing and not resolving the issue was not one of his options, he was strong minded to get to the bottom of it.

Hitler believed that, with the faith of God, he will succeed. Hitler used unusual words when addressing specific people and countries. Him using terms such as ‘crazy so-called’, illustrates that he was doubtful and alleged that these statesmen of Europe were not even qualified enough for their positions. Moreover, he also labeled the new states they formed as “so called states”; Hitler didn’t even identify them as real states. So-called is type of slogan used to falsely think of something.

Europe thought it had skilled and entitled statesmen whom formed new states, but to Hitler; they were anything but eligible statesmen whom formed anything but upright states. Hitler, later in his speech, mentioned a person named Mr. Benes; he introduced him as “This Mr. Benes”. For Adolph Hitler to use such expressions, that proved that he pitted him, and didn’t consider him as respectful human. Hitler knew all his lies. While giving his speech he was sending a message showing that he wasn’t fooled nor tricked.

Part of the speech that grabbed my attention personally was “Now the shameless part….. t their own brothers” because of 2 reasons. He described the policies that were implemented by the government as terrible policies, but he didn’t mention any specific word stating that, instead by saying “policy which…. shoot at their own brothers” it perfectly showed exactly what kind of policies they were, policies so dreadful to fact it will turn them against each other and start a civil war. Hitler compared himself with Mr. Benes mentioning himself as decent solider, but Benes; as a sneaky man, who did not play by rules.

He proclaims that he will stand against him and declare war if he has too, and he will stand by his people and protect them by saying he is their soldier. Hitler demonstrated himself as a patient man, he dealt with Benes in a sophisticated way. Hitler was so determined in gaining Germany their freedom, one way or another. Hitler was threating Mr. Benes. He showed it by giving him an offer, if he didn’t accept it, Hitler would start a war. This indorsed his strength and power, he never took no for answer. If Hitler wants something he fights for it.

What made Hitler make such threats is because Mr. Benes made him wait for so long, and it exceeded his patience. Another thing I liked personally in Adolph Hitler’s speech is when he talks about himself and his public, he makes it sound as if they are all equal, and they stand side by side, all of them together. He didn’t make them feel he was a leader and that they had to follow and obey him.

Hitler ended his speech with convincing his public, all the German people both men and women to fight with him, stand with him by his side against Mr. Benes. He motivated the public and encouraged them; moreover he was building confidence in them when saying they are stronger than before. Hitler also gave them an example of himself when he was an ordinary soldier, commenting that he didn’t have doubts of succeeding, and having faith in victory. I think we was trying to point out to the public that, even though you are just a normal individual (just like himself back then), it won’t prevent you from conquering your enemy.

To come to a conclusion, from my point of view, I see this speech as a motivational speech to the public to fight against whoever isn’t fair with them. It was also a kind of threat to Mr. Benes, threating him to make his decision faster or else, Hitler will start a war against him. Hitler dealt with his issue patiently, even though his patience came to an end, he didn’t attack his enemy aggressively; He simply warned him. Generally speaking, Hitler was a worldly wise man, a supreme leader, and role model to many.

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