Hitler & evil doer Essay

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Hitler & evil doer

Hitler: a world renowned evil doer, infamous conductor of genocide, and a painter? The fact that Adolf Hitler was artistic should come as no surprise. Many socio and psychopaths are talented in different art mediums, and often times express the side less known to others through such an outlet. Is it possible that Hitler, a man who murdered in cold blood more than six million people, had a sensitive side? Was he simply using his talent to better learn those to become an obstacle in his way to reach the perfect society and that which to overrun? Or was the man simply evil and had a knack for using paint and pencil?

Throughout the centuries mad men have often been known to be artistic. Those who suffer from such disorders as multiple personalities or bipolar disorder as some point between their moods have an art form which they practice, be this paint or craft. But who would have thought that one such as Adolf Hitler was an artist? His works, undoubtedly superb for the most part, show a softer side. Paintings and sketches depicting couples and families strolling through the city streets, vases of beautiful flowers, and a house in the country may lead us to suspect that it’s possible the man was hiding another of his views of the world.

One can hardly argue that a bouquet of flowers is a sign of evil intent. But what of the people in these paintings? Were they simply brought forth from his imagination to fill a void on canvas, or are they real people that he watched from afar and knew he would one day turn against in his quest for the perfect society? One may never know, though the striking detail in the buildings – should they truly exist – may cause some to think he was gathering such knowledge for later use against those places and people in his works.

It is still possible that Adolf Hitler was simply transferring what he saw into a medium he desired so as to capture its perfection for eternity. It is safe to say, that such behavior can be linked with his campaign for the ‘perfect race’ to reign supreme. This indeed leads to the conclusion that though he may have expressed himself through art, Adolf Hitler was no softie. The immaculate detail shows he was obsessive about his projects, one of which was mass genocide. Despite his art work, Hitler was still a madman.

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