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Hitler and Propaganda Essay

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Hitler is notorious for his use of political propaganda. Why do you think he was so successful at this? “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. ” – Adolf Hitler (1). Propaganda is a weapon without limits, which thunders more loudly than a cannon fire and is more destructive than a gas attack . Hitler used propaganda as a tool to brainwash Germans by their frustration at a loss.

He was decades ahead of his time when it came to the fine art of public relations, he used propaganda to get people on his side. Hitler was very successful at his use of propaganda because he said something often enough, no matter how ridiculous it was, and people would start believing it. The Nazis understood human psychology. It was Goebbels simple realization that, for instance in cinematic propaganda, there was a need for the viewer to be entertained.

Otherwise there would be no interest in watching at all. This is simply a single instance of the successfulness of Nazi propaganda. Gobbles realized this and corrected it. For example he used Medias such as newspapers, speakers, posters, films, books, text books, comics, magazines and radios (2). Hitler used propaganda to gain his power as chancellor contrary to what everyone else seems to be saying it was not only Nazi propaganda that got him elected; it was the Germans voting for him. Why did they do that?

They supported what he said, they wanted Germany to be a big player on the world stage and have jobs following the depression or at least that’s what Hitler made them believe. Propaganda played a great role in his campaign, especially after the Wall Street crash in 1929(date referenced to the Pearsons book). All those who were affected wanted someone to blame, so Hitler blamed it on the business running Jews, giving people false reasons to hate them, and Hitler promised to rid Germany of them making him popular.

He also made many promises to different groups of people; some of these promises include promised work for unemployed, protection of small businesses, and to remove Jewish people from positions of power, he also promised to “tear apart” the treaty of Versailles. (3) Without the treaty of Versailles Hitler may have never came to power. The Nazi party thrived when things looked bad, because they offered ways out, although most of the time they couldn’t fulfill, and when times were good people would stay clear of the radical ideas of the Nazi party. When the treaty of Versailles was enabled, Germany lost its pride, nd slid into a great depression, Hitler seized this moment, he blamed all the problems of Germany on the Jewish community, although the Jews had nothing to do with this, the people of Germany needed someone to blame and focus their hate on, Hitler gave them this (4). Most people at this time didn’t follow the Nazi beliefs at all, but using negative cohesion he still managed to gain support amongst the public, Hitler hated the treaty and told the people he would rip it up, he told Germany he would rebuild their army and regain their national pride, all these ideas appealed to the public, so the people supported Hitler at this time.

This is how Hitler used the treaty to gain support. (5)The Nazis used different media to get rid of the Jews and one of them were posters and newspapers. In 1930, for example Julius Streicher’s Der Sturmer portrayed a Jewish spider sucking the life from Germans. The spider was particularly suitable metaphor from the Nazi perspective since spiders do not physically overcome their prey but rather trap them in an inescapable web just as Jews were to weak and cowardly to physically overpower Germans.

Strecher specialized in portraying Jews as animals or demonic, making his images even more disgusting. (5) Sucked dry(1930) (5) After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the US called in its loans to Germany, and the German economy collapsed (6). The Number of unemployed grew; people starved on the streets. In the crisis, people wanted someone to blame, and looked to extreme solutions – Hitler offered them both, and Nazi success in the elections grew. Germans turned to Nazism because they were desperate.

The number of Nazi seats in the Reichstag rose from 12 in 1928 to 230 in July 1932 (6). To Hitler, this depression was like a gift because for every problem the Nazi Party had come up with an explanation or promise. Hitler blamed the Jews as Communists and claimed that they had deliberately made Germany lose World War 1 by causing strikes, subversion and revolution on the home front (7) He also said that they had deliberately caused the Great Depression.

Worst of all, some of these conspiracy theories claimed that the Jews were seeking world domination and were therefore in competition with Germany’s bid to dominate the world. By September 1933, Hitler built the first motorway, which provided 600,000 jobs. Supplies were needed, such as: steel, concrete etc. So, the state paid for the private companies to provide what they needed, they also made women give up their jobs for men (7). Hitler used this unfortunate event to get the people of Germany to support him.

Hitler was notorious for his use of political propaganda because he used the country’s week point and misfortunes to gain control over its people. Hitler’s propaganda kept the public under control. The propaganda machine told the public what to think and how to react when they had nowhere to turn to. “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. ” – (1) and that is what Hitler made the Germans believe.

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