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History Essay Examples

Make Poverty History

Poverty and the related problems of unemployment, economic inequality, poor social infrastructure and inability to access basic needs and services have for long been part of the international community. In 2005, the European Union developed the slogan “make poverty history”, that was directed at uniting developed countries in formulating policies for the eradication of poverty….

William Shakespeare is among the best writer in all of history

William Shakespeare is one of the most well-known and most inspired writers that ever was. There are no existing birth records that state the true birth of William Shakespeare. There are church records that say he was baptized April 26, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. So scholars believe he must have been born around that date and…

Police History

Starting In 1829, Sir Robert Peel began developing his theory of policing. These nine principles are as relevant today as they were in the 1800’s. Peel established the Metropolitan Police when he served as Home Secretary of England. Since Sir Robert Peel introduced his principles of policing in the early 1800’s, our country has continued…



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Is early United States history a story of progress

Progress in westward expansion (for white Americans) not good for native Americans. The early United States history is a story of progress and conflict in terms of political, territorial, and social advancement. Political: Alien and Sedition Acts- During the Adams administration, congress passed the Alien and Sedation acts to suppress public criticism of the government…

On Theory of Brief History of Translation

In general, since mankind started translation activities, the study of translation has never ceased. Discussions about translation have become so frequent that various translation theories have been formed gradually in Chinese. In this paper, Habermas’s theory of communicative action reinterpreting the concept of the understanding of translation studies, and Translation to indicate this special form…

History Of The Spanish Inquisition Of The 15th Century

The Spanish Inquisition is usually synonymous with persecution, brutality and tyranny; and it is thought to be the forerunner of the covert regulatory bodies of contemporary autocracies. Yet how accurate is this picture of an establishment set up in the late 15th century to route out deviation and agnosticism in that land? This report aims…

History of Database Technology and Data Models

Imagine that you own bank and along with that, you own your bank’s credibility to your 100,000 clients. Just writing down each client’s information in a piece of paper would not be very secure and practical nowadays. That’s how an electronic database system comes in the picture. In this fast growing world, a technology like…

History Art and Culture Chicago

Between the years 1920 and 2001, there are several clear artistic movements (schools) in American history. There are numerous good examples of these at the several art museums scattered throughout the greater Chicago area. This paper is going to discus an artistic school (movement) that is known as the Ashcan school. The paper will then…

History Genocide Alert in Sudan

Recently, newspapers and journals discussed the plight of the millions of people of Sudan as there has been the government sponsored genocide. This victimization of a few people has been discussed in the press as well as in the various websites. These various forums have condemned the atrocities committed against the innocent people. Hence, at…

History is by nature, an interpretive discipline

With simplest words, history is the story of the human experience. While history teaching originally focused on the facts of political history such as wars and dynasties, contemporary history education has assumed a more integrative approach offering students an expanded view of historical knowledge that includes aspects different subjects, such as of geography, religion, anthropology,…

History of bootlegging

1. Background on Bootlegging It has been said that “at its real level music belongs to everyone”. To claim ownership over music has been the subject of much analysis since music, after all, is available to each individual through our sense of hearing. Maintaining control or possession of “our” music is not as clear cut…

History of Brazil

It is a matter of fact that Brazil is a country of contrasts. One can easily observe that the development of this nation is incredibly uneven. Taking into consideration their past experience, the Brazilians are seeing some very good times as a nation. Certainly, they have overcrowding problems. However, each country has its own difficulties…

History of Chines Opera and its effect on World Music

The search for creativity and originality is deeply rooted in human nature such that it represents an inescapable and defining requirement of the human being. Since in man’s creative restlessness beats and pulsates what is most deeply human- the search for knowledge. A major issue in the history of china is its opera Extolling the…

History of Christianity

Both Christianity and Judaism came from the same God. Both Judaism and Christianity share the same Old Testament as our holy scriptures. The foundations of faith in God are rooted in the Old Testament, so also that of the Jews, for their history and their laws are all in the Old Testament. Moreover, the entire…

History of Cinema

From the very beginning its existence the cinema has created works of art worthy to stand comparison with the masterpieces of painting, music, literature, and theatre. Even more than that, the cinema is irremovably embedded in the whole history of the twentieth century. It has not only shaped but also reflected the reality of the…


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