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History Study Notes Essay

Topic 1 Investigating History • interpret and construct time lines • define the terms that describe historical periods of time • the terminology and concepts of historical time, including year, decade, generation, century, age, BC/AD, BCE/CE • sequence societies and events within specific periods of time • ask historical questions • distinguish between fact and opinion • draw some conclusions about the usefulness of sources including a website • examine differing historical perspectives and interpretations • explain cause and effect • identify significant people of the past • examine the motives for people. s actions in the past • the process of historical inquiry: .

Fact and opinion . • the usefulness of sources as evidence including a website . • differing perspectives . cause and effect . history as the study of people • explain the consequences of people. s actions • describe some aspects of family/community heritage • heritage issues • appreciate the value of preserving and conserving our heritage Ancient Egypt • the origins of the society or period • identify the origins of the society or historical period • daily life of men and women in the society or period • describe how both men and women lived in the society or period •

Civics and citizenship in the society or period • describe the way in which the people of the society or period were governed • describe the rights and freedoms of different groups in the society or period • beliefs and values of the people of the society or period • explain the beliefs and values of the society • impact of significant people and/or events • explain the impact made by significant people and/or events on the society or period • contacts with other peoples • outline the contacts that the society had with other peoples.

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