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History Repeats

Categories: HistoryThe Holocaust

Known and recognized as one of the world’s darkest times of war and genocide, the Holocaust is a part of history that represents missed opportunities but presents one that allows us to grow, prosper, and learn from the past. Eva Kor knows of the cruel and inhuman ways that “inferior” people were treated from the years 1933 to 1945. Eva Kor was known as A-7063 during her time in the concentration camp Auschwitz located in O?wi?cim, Poland. She is a survivor of the Mengele Twin experiments in which twins were valuated for the sake of Dr.

Josef Mengele’s fascination and curiosity towards them.

Today, we look back at those dark times and frown upon them or think why or how such a horrible thing could ever occur. However what we don’t see, is how we could relate it to our society today. The holocaust started because of Adolf Hitler’s belief that people who had a different race were inferior to him and the people who were similar to him.

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In our current society, there are close minded people who simply cannot accept others and actually blame them for dissimilar genetic characteristics or religious beliefs. It may seem as an exaggeration to compare this generation to the Holocaust but before, it also could have seemed like that and instead, it became a sad reality.

This piece relates to me because as one who is interested and up to date on the world’s current events, it is extremely conspicuous to me that we have come a long way since 1945 but it is even more blatant how much work we have left to do in order to achieve peace, equality, tranquility.

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History may teach everyone something and that is simply because everyone has a distinct perspective on things. To others it may seem like another reason to remember those who suffered, died, and tried to take a stand. In addition to that, my opinion is that it is a reason to be cautious and vigilant towards the decisions and opportunities that we either decide to take or to leave.

If others made the mistake and missed the opportunity to choose war and destruction over tranquility, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from it and make the right choice. Furthermore, this piece relates to my future because genocides are still happening today and will sadly but inevitably keep happening. If one does not support causes to help stop genocide and lower the possibility of something so horrific ever happening again, it could. In conclusion, Eva Kor is one of the many brave and amazing survivors of this horrible event in history who remind us of how much better we can be and how we can learn from others mistakes. A wise man named George Santayana once said ,”Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it,” andI hope that we can prove otherwise.

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