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History Quiz 1/15/15

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1071 words)
Categories: History, Persona
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What did pro slavery supporters do early in the struggle to win Kansas?
invaded Kansas to control the election through fraud and intimidation
What happened when the first territorial legislature in Kansas met?
Legislators enacted tough proslavery laws
What was the result of Preston Brook’s caning of Massachusetts senator Charles Summer?
It further inflamed sectional passions over the institute of slavery
What did the Supreme Court rule in its 1857 Dred Scott decision?
Dred Scott was not a citizen of the United States
How did the Dred Scott decision increase sectional tension?
The decision lent credence to the belief in the North that a Slave Power conspiracy existed.

In the mid-1850s, Abraham Lincoln’s search for a political home was based on his _.
opposition to the extension of slavery in the United States
What did Abraham Lincoln personally believe about slavery?
slavery was morally wrong
Who, according to Abraham Lincoln, had the responsibility to stop the spread of slavery?
How did Stephen A.

Douglas respond in 1857 when proslavery forces in Lecompton, Kansas, drafted a constitution that many felt was fraudulent?

Douglas came out against the proslavery constitution.
What did Stephen A. Douglas argue in what became known as the Freeport Doctrine?
Settlers could ban slavery by not passing the laws necessary to protect slave property.
During the debates, Stephen A. Douglas depicted Abraham Lincoln as what?
an abolitionist who loved blacks
What was the result of the Lincoln- Douglas debates?
Abraham Lincoln became nationally known
What happened to John Brown after his raid of Harper’s Ferry?
He was executed
How did a Nashville convention of southern businessmen shock the nation in 1860?
the meeting called for the reopening of the African slave trade which had been closed since 1808.
What happened when Democrats met to choose a presidential candidate in Charleston, South Carolina
the party divided into southern and northern factions.
How did more moderate southern Democrats respond to the choice of John C. Breckenridge as presidential nominee?
Moderate Democrats organized the Constitutional Union party
How did the increasingly confident Republican Party prepare for the election of 1860?
it expanded its platform to address other issues.
Southerners felt so much hostility toward the Republican Party during the presidential election of 1860 that _.
ten states refused to allow Lincoln’s name to appear on the ballot.
In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president because he had _.
strong support in the more populous free states.
Which Southerner argued that ” I consider slavery much more secure in the Union than out of it?”
Alexander Stephens
Which state was first state to secede from the Union after Lincoln’s election?
South Carolina
What made Abraham Lincoln an attractive candidate for the Republican nomination?
he represented the crucial state of Illinois
Why did the slave states of the Upper South initially reject secession?
The Upper South did not have as great a stake in slavery as the states in the Lower South.
How did James Buchanan respond as the secession crisis loomed over the final weeks of his presidential administration?
Buchanan remained in Washington and did nothing.
In his first inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln _
reassured the South that he had no right to interfere with slavery where it existed.
Republicans organized around what premise ?
that the slaveholding South provided a profound threat to “free soil, free labor, and free men,”
Because of _, popular sovereignty would determine whether Kansas became slave or free.
Stephen Douglas
What was the most famous emigrant aid society that sprang up to promote settlement from free states or slave states?
New England Emigrant Aid Company
What did John Brown do in Kansas?
he allegedly massacred five proslavery settlers in front of their families along Pottawatomie Creek
Who beat Charles Sumner?
Preston Brooks
Which state was Preston Brooks from?
South Carolina
What happened after the beating of Charles Sumner in the Senate?
Preston Brooks resigned his but was the reelected.
Which state was Charles Sumner from?
What major case took place in 1857?
The Dred Scott Case
What three things did the Dred Scott decision say?
1. That he was not a citizen and therefore he could not claim violation of his constitutional rights
2.It ruled the Missouri compromise unconstitutional and it backed up John C. Calhoun’s claim that congress’s right to make laws did not include the right prohibit slaves
3. It said that home states determine the status
The Dred Scott decision _ the republican party?
Why did the Dred Scott Decision strengthen the republican party?
it provided dramatic evidence of the Republicans’ claim that a hostile “Slave Power” conspired against northern liberties.
Abraham Lincoln had what were considered _ view.
moderate, racial
What year did Abraham Lincoln run for the Senate?
When did John Brown try incite a slave insurrection in Virginia?
Who linked John Brown to Christ?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Brown’s hanging and the presidential election heightened what?
sectional hostility
John Bell was the 1860 Presidential nominee for what party?
Constitutional Union Party
Southern Unionists tried to do what?
calm the fears that Lincoln’s election triggered.
Who was the President of the Confederate States of America?
Jefferson Davis
What was the order of secession?
South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and then Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina
The border states contained what that made them indispensable?
population, wealth and they also controlled major rivers and railroads.
What year was West Virginia created?
What was Jefferson Davis’ plan to stop shipping cotton to get the European countries to the join the war on their side called?
King Cotton diplomacy
What was Abraham Lincoln’s military plan for the war called?
The Anaconda Plan
What were the 3 parts to the Anaconda plan?
a naval blockade of the Confederacy to deny it the ability to sell cotton abroad, the Union army into Virginia, at the same time planning a march through the Mississippi valley that would cut the Confederacy in two.
Where did Jefferson Davis get his military education?
When was John Brown executed?
December 2, 1859
All the Confederates met _ in February 1861.
Montgomery, Alabama
Who was the Vice President of the Confederacy?
Alexander Steven
What amendment changed the month of Presidential inaugurations?
A lot of people in the South believed in what?
state sovereignty
Why was it hard for Jefferson Davis to govern the Confederacy?
because a lot of people believed in state sovereignty

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