History Of Table And Chairs

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Since the beginning of the world man has been trying very hard to make his life easier using all the resources that he can get from the nature. In this hard work man has created a lot of things that have been very helpful to him. Many things that man has invented are very similar to the ones that were made in the earliest times. Only slight modifications have been made to since then. After man was able to find shelter for him and had a permanent place to live then he started to develop it for his ease.

Table and Chair is also a very important and old part of furniture that man has developed from a long time and a very few changes have been made in its design since then.
Its basic architecture includes a round, square or circular top made of wood or metal. And this top is supported by legs that can be according to the shape or design.

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It is a stable piece of furniture and is used to put things according to its place of use. The size of chair and table also depends on the nature of its use.The earliest traces of a chair and table used as furniture are of the Egyptian times. This is known by the drawings found in the toms and other places. It seemed that they used them to put things on them like food stuff and other things and sit on them also. In those times they were not very familiar to wood so they used stone structures as chairs and tables that were most likely to be just a column of stone of same size.

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No particular designs were there at that time.
Then in the reign of Greeks chair and table was made as a master piece. Wood, metal and precious stones were used in the preparation of them. They were decorated with expensive metals and stones. The chairs and tables also extended in their size. Very big tables for hundreds of people were designed in those times. Along with these grand tables similar chairs were also designed. Along with rectangular and square tables Greeks also introduce circular and semi circular tables that were only for two or four people. These round tables and chairs were designed very elegantly and with great sense of art. As the time passed these was changed from very heavy structures to small and movable structures and the design was also modified. Previously the pedestal of chair and table was solid pillar or three or four pillars then these were replaced by different types of techniques that made them more stable and more beautiful with multiple use of it.
Chinese people are also familiar with the use of chairs and tables from a very long time. They used chairs and tables that were very low in height and were displaced after used. They were used for food and other stuff. People sat on ground to use them. Chinese people used wooden or bamboo chairs and tables mostly as they were not familiar to metal for a long time. They created very long tables and pile of chairs for their special ceremonies.

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