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History of Modern Architecture

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The roof from Winslow house is overhanging roof with deep caves. Post 1918 building Frank Wright didn’t use overhanging roof in Ennis house but he use a cleaner roof that suitable to the building. c. PRE-1918 BUILDING – Giving a spacious space for inside of the house by not having a major wall that is blocking room. Post 1918 building – Use walls to divide space of the house to make it more methodical. d. PRE-1918 BUILDING – The style in Coonley house is long and flat in a horizontal side.

Post 1918 building – The style in Freeman House is not long but the building is tall. ARCHITECTURE 310 TEST #2

PAGE 4 4Discuss two projects from the chapter “Modernism in America after World War 2” A. First building – Lake Shore Drive Apartment has a theme of the rectangular prism, 26 stories high and were the same in plan and size. The towers were linked at the lower levels by hovering steel overhangs, and the transparent lobbies with nice views of the Lake were decorating with polished steel and marble.

b. Second building. – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Seagram Building, New York use rust- color bronze, amber-gray glass, travertine and polished green marble materials for the skyscraper.

Compare and contrast Similarities Lake Shore Drive Apartment and Seagram Building has overhangs to guide the visitor to the main lobby. Both of the buildings are tall. Differences Seagram Building stood on a triangular lot with views across Lake Michigan. Lake Shore Drive Apartment stood on a rectangular lot in busy street life of New York.

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Lake Shore Drive Apartment I-beams attached to the rectangular skeleton. Seagram Building attached gave the facades density and opacity, while also enhancing the vertical lines.

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