History of Internet Advertising Essay

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History of Internet Advertising

The history of Advertising goes back a long time in history during the time of the Romans in which merchants had street signs advertising their wares. With the invention of printing press during the middle part of the 1400s, things changed as it heralded a new era that shaped the course of civilization. The rise of broadcast technology in the twentieth century had made further advances in the world of advertising.

In the 1920s, radio advertising carried the industry into its prime and become central to the operation of the advertising world until the rise of television advertising in the 1950s which rose to its prominence ever since up to the present time in which another break through in advertising has risen, the internet. Although internet began in the late 1960s it was only during the creation of the “Unix User Network or Usenet” (Prince, p. 3) that people got connected and “ready to do business” (p. ) through the “store-and-forward” net work ,where people could post news, views, and other communications to be read by others. Prince pointed out that the Usenet was “quickly adapted as a high-tech classified circular” (wherein categories were established for listing of items for sale. However, it was only in 1995 that a more profound use of the internet for advertisement had started as advertisement becomes more informative and specific.

The internet advertising has since then begun to take substantial share of the market advertisement, and the year 2000 recorded the big leap in the internet advertisement with over eight billion dollars in revenue. Since then though, the growth of the internet advertisement in terms of dollar revenues were up and down but it is indisputably that the internet advertisement has become the most sophisticated and far reaching mode of advertisement.

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