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History of Film techniques

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Human kind has always displayed a desire, within their literature, to engross themselves on a journey of self reflection. However often these journeys can also be negatively forced upon a character. Skrzynecki, in his text ‘Immigrants at central station’ explores how forced journeys have dehumanised and isolated his family on their journey of migration. However, in ’10 Mary street’ Skrzynecki focuses on positive outcomes of journeys that him and his family have taken on their own.

Furthermore ‘Girl, interrupted’, the 1999 movie directed by James Mangold, Outlines the segregation and inequality of forced journeys whilst also looking at journeys with positive outcomes of self enlightenment that were chosen to be taken.

People who are forced upon a journey may feel isolated and disempowered. Skrzynecki explores this in ‘immigrants at central station’ through detailing the apprehension felt by migrants whilst waiting for a train in central station, Sydney.

In the first line of the poem “it was sad to hear” Skrzynecki has already established a sombre using the highly descriptive word ‘sad’.

Similarly in the line ‘a dampness that slowly sank into our thoughts’ He continues this negativity through the sensual imagery of ‘dampness’ and the depressive symbolism of ‘sank into our thoughts’. Skrzynecki also uses the simile ‘like cattle bought for slaughter’ to link to the negativity shown in stanza 1, he also creates a sense of entrapment, dehumanising the migrants and reducing them to livestock.

Skrzynecki uses repetition of the first line with the introduction of a conjunction at the beginning ‘but it was sad to hear’.

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Doing so allows him to refer back to the first stanza and stress the sombre tone while the conjunction allows Skrzynecki to juxtapose the poem against the last two paragraphs bringing the audience’s attention to the suddenness of the arrival of the train. Paragraph 2 (negative) yet to be analysed

Alternatively people can immerse themselves on journeys of self-reflection and self discovery, leading to a sense of empowerment and happiness. Skrzynecki in ‘10 Mary Street’ details a positive outcome of a chosen journey through the story of his family in their home on Mary Street. The line ‘My parents watered plants… like adopted children’ uses accumulation to display the journey that the parents have taken to lovingly care for their plants

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