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History of Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1093 words)
Categories: Car, Care, Evolution, Health, Health Care, Information Systems, Therapy
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Health care has come a long way in technology for the past, implementing new technology has made the health care industry grow in size. Major events of health care have paved the way for future technologies influence the physicians, administrators, clinicians, and staff to push pass the old ways of thinking and create new initiatives of information systems.

Health care information will be moving forward with significant changes, technology involvement will prove to be a positive and much needed impact to the decision making process.

Compare and Contrast Health Care Operations within 20 years The evolution of health care information system has been proficient, effective, and patient-focused technologies have an influence on the way health evolve over the years. East Orange General Hospital has a lifetime of learning in keeping up with the new trends of technology. The changes in the health care information systems from 20 years ago have put value on the system by improving patient safety and confidentiality.

“The broad spectrum of clinic information has made a way for hospitals to integrate with administrative applications of care”.

East Orange General Hospital have the use of information technology so the increase of efficiency and patient-centered care to possible with the right measures. Comparing the health IT systems to 20 years in the past has shown the comprehensive strive in implementing and computerizing different aspects of care management. Delivering information in today’s time has shown the function of the new trends of operating and implementing new technology. In 20 years, paper documentation was the normal office rule for information, patient charts came in the paper form.

The differences of past information management in health care was ambiguous and undone data, poor availability, and fragmented data of patient charts. In today’s information system, significant advances help maintain a high quality of care. Improving patient care, clinical information expanded to help increase the quality of care. East Orange General Hospital has launched a new electronic medical record system to support efficiency and accuracy in patient accounts. The organization will reduce the use of paper charts, but still uses both paper and electronic record keeping. The implementation of computerized record system at EOGH has now positioned itself to receive incentive payment from Medicaid and Medicare” (Slavin, 2011 Para 1-2). The technology used at EOGH is Centricity, Series, and Precyse systems; these systems control the computerized provider order entry (CPOE), Health Information Exchange (HIE), and Personal Health Record (PHR). Information technology today made it possible to improve patient services in many ways. Hospitals will be better equipped with the tools for maintaining patient records and keeping confidentiality of information intact.

Paper-based information was the normal way to go 20 years ago, documentation misplaced, duplicates used made patient information unreliable for some parts of record keeping. “The health Information system has become most challenging with promising results through research, education, and medical informatics in medical records and health care” (Haux, 2004 “p” 269). Rising technologies in health care need a high-tech approach in the medical community to a terrific life-span in health care organizations and the willingness to use it.

Technology is showing how in the future disease management will be a prior and reflection on the progress of better diagnosis with the technology realm of care for health care. “Various successes of technology have made the concept of prevention, health promotion, and integrative medicine to bond for a product of quality care” (Weil, 2011 “p”1). Major Events and Technological Advantages that Influenced Current HCIS Practices Technological advantages starts with the implementation of information systems that will help physicians obtain a more rapid response for patient medical records.

The change in health care started with the “potential benefits of the EMR a step further by adding sophisticated hardware to the mix” (Silverman, 1998 “p” 2). Doctors can use a wall-mounted keyboard with a monitoring system to check results of recent procedures, consultations, operations, or images. Health information recording and clinical data repository is how checking orders of daily medications by touching key pad helps in the integration process of writing progress notes of the clinical findings.

Electronic Medical Records has steps in pulling patient charts, “searching for missing or misfiled data, transcribing orders, filling out multiple lab, diagnostic test, and pharmacy requisitions, or writing progress notes hours after having actually examined the patient are now all completed” (Silverman, 1998 “p” 2). The clinical data repository needs a good electronic medical records system, so that medical records that been scanned can be reviewed. EMR is a record in digital format which can be capable of experiencing certain health care agendas of care. EMR’s are being embedded in network-connected enterprise-wide information systems” (Dacca, 2013 Para 2). The records included has a certain range of information in summary or comprehensive text, including demographics, immunizations, radiology data, medical history, laboratory test results, medication, and allergies, vital signs, personal status of age, sex, and weight, and billing information.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a critical part of quality care for everyone involved in the process of EMRs and America’s standard of care. EMR and other decision support systems can help prevent medical errors that plaques the United States for decades under the fraud and abuse category in health care” (Williams & Austin, 2008 “p” 40). The second event that has shaped the core of HCIS is how the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has helped health care delivery system to excel in providing effective and safe care and highest quality possible. The government created the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the 1950s; this agency is strictly for continual improvement in patient confidentiality within health care facilities.

The public are the main concern of the Joint Commission in “collaboration with stakeholders, joint commission help inspire safe and effective care” (The Joint Commission, 2012 Para 2). The joint Commission governs the assessments of quality and safety of care within health organizations that help set standards that measures quality care with patient confidentiality. Conclusion: Health care technology has reached epic proportion in America, Innovation is important in medical technology; it is the essence health care rganizations. The drive of technology is the innovation for a better quality care in a faster pace. “Medical technology help improves individual lives and help in the benefits of treatment to individuals whose conditions may have been difficult or impossible to treat” (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2009 “p” 5) with new trends of health care. Innovation is improving in products, and improving the way healthcare shows delivery; this is making healthcare delivery efficient and more sustainable.

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