History of American Education Aed/201 Essay

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History of American Education Aed/201

3 Major Periods;
1: The Colonial Period (1607-1775)
1642- Massachusetts Bay Colony Law requires proper teaching of children.

2: The Early National Period (1175-1820)
1819- Emma Hart Willard helps New York State open education for women.

3: The common school movement (1820-1865)
1823- First Teacher-Training college in the U.S.

2 Major Eras
1: The Progressive Era
1900- Pencil and paper replace slates.

2: The Modern Era
1964-Cival Rights act of 1964 supports school desegregation.

There are so many events that have taken place over time that it is hard to narrow it down to the ones that I have. To pick one that has made such an impact on the way that schools have changed I would say the 1642 Massachusetts Bay Colony Law. This law was the first education law to ever be passed. It was created by the English Puritans and the law required that children be taught to read and to write. Without this law I have no clue where we would be today.

This was the foundation for our education system and still plays a role today in the classroom. School is more complex now and does not only consist of learning to read and to write. It was only five years after this law was written that another law was passed that required each town to establish and maintain public schools. Public schools took a while to establish and it took time before they were made available to
students all over the country. This was just the beginning of where we are now.


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