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History chp. 4

By the 1890s more than half of all immigrants in the US were
Eastern and southern eurpeans

Many immigrants came to the US in part to escape from poverty and
Social ladder

The vast majority of immigrants arriving on the east coast spent about a day at a processing center located at
Ellis island

What law prevented Chinese immigrants already in the US from becoming citizens
Chinese exclusion act

At the end of the 19th century immigrants made up a significant % of some of the country’s largest

In the late 1800s many rural Americans moved to big cities in search of
Better paying jobs

Most urban working-class families lived in multifamily apartment buildings called

In response to urban congestion, Boston and New York City built the first
Subway systems

America’s industrialization made some people wealthy and created a growing
Middle class

Who rose to become one of New York city’s most powerful party bosses
George plunkitt

Belief that people can rise as far as their talents will take them, no matter how humble their origins was called

American artist and writers of the 1800s who tried to capture the world as they saw it were known as

Scott Joplin was one of the most important African American ____ composers
Rag time

James Adams established a ___ called Hull House in Chicago

The _____ was a reform-minded organization that tried to help the urban poor by offering practical aid and religious counseling
Salvation Army

By calling their era the “gilded age” authors mark twain and Charles Warner were
Criticizing corruption

Application of the theory of evolution and natural selection to human society was known as
Social Darwinism

Gospel of wealth was a philosophy that wealthy Americans had a responsibility to
Engage in philanthropy

Formed in 1869, the Cincinnati red Stockings were the nations first
Pro baseball team

Which of the following social reformers believed that the bed way to help the urban poor was to redeem their souls and reform their character?
Dwight moody

Under the Pendleton Act of 1883 some gov jobs were filled by
Job applicants who performed well on competitive written examinations

In the late 1880s new technology helped farmers produce more crops which tended to
Lower prices

Farmers were hurt economically by high tariffs, high shipping rates and

Which of the following did the people’s party also known as the populist call for in 1892
A graduated income tax

Populist party declined after the election of 1896 when
Populist supported losing candidate William Jennings Bryan

After reconstruction, most AA in the rural south lived in poverty and chronic debt as ___ landless farmers who have their landlords a large portion of their crops as rent
Share croppers

In 1892 an AA named Homer __ challenged a Louisiana law forced him to ride in a separate railroad car from whites

The statues enforcing segregation in the south were known as __ laws
Jim Crow

The most prominent AA leader of the late 1800s was Booker T

A leader of a new generation of AA activist born after the civil war, argued that AA had to demand their rights
W.E.B DuBois

Mid 1870s a former slave named Benjamin “pap” singleton helped set in motion
Mass migration of AA

Mississippi took the first step to prohibit AA from voting when it required that all citizens registering to vote pay a
Poll tac

The stage was set for legalized segregation in 1883, when the Supreme Court overturned which of the following
The civil rights act of 1875

The Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson established a legal basis for
Discrimination against AA

Ida B. Well an AA journalist who launched a campaign against

The rising value of land in some cities encouraged the building of tall, steel framed buildings called skyscrapers//TF

During the last half of the 1800s, the wealthiest families established fashionable districts in “streetcar suburbs”//TF

Threats from crime and violence, fire, disease, and pollution were part of city life in the late 1800s especially for the working poor// TF

Drinking water in America cities was often contaminated bc of the lack of flush toilets//TF

NYC democratic political machine was known as Tam many Hall// TF

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