History and Literature V.S. Science and Mathematics Essay

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History and Literature V.S. Science and Mathematics

Nowadays, students have the rights to choose different subjects they would like to study at university. Some like science subjects can register to study science and mathematics; meanwhile, some will prefer to study about history and literature. Personally, I think that it is more important for every student to take part in history and literature class since these subjects will educate students about the past of history and give them rich sources of culture values. Most importantly, history is all records of the past about our country. Learning this subject, students will know about the historical development process of country, such as, when our country established, how our ancients had defended the enemy bravely. All of those like real evidences to tell us again about their sacrifices for the country’s independence and freedom for the next generations.

Knowing thoroughly about history teaches us about the loyalty, and how great the deaths of the last generations are. Today, we do not have to go to battle to fight again the enemy, but it is very important to help country become powerful on the economic battle after long time our country underwent the severe war. If every student understands history of their country, they will recognize the importance of their roles in the common development process of country by studying well and become successful people in the future. That will be grateful awards for those who have commit themselves for country’s liberty in the past.

Besides that, literature is also important to learn at university since it is the great cultural materials from the past to now. Unlike history teaches us historical stories, literature educates us about cultural values. Through great verses, or poses, we learn about the beauties around our life, our family, such as the motherhood, neighborhood, and couple love…. Whenever I read a nice verse about homeland, I feel very exciting and become loving my homeland more and more. All of them are really the vital “food” for our mental life which cannot obtain by simply studying equations or algorithms in mathematics. In conclusion, I think history and literature would be put in the curriculum in university since it is very necessary for all of us to know about history of country. Moreover, they also teach us valuable lessons about culture values in life which I sure that if our study is without literature; our culture must be very different and boring.

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