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Essay on History And Legend

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Tale of the Heike

In life, Shigemori showed all of the characteristics of an ideal warrior: loyalty, fearlessness, piety, and wisdom. Shigemori’s death was noble; he sacrificed himself for the Taira clan, and was admired for his noble nature. The concept of mujo, impermanence, could be seen in several instances in The Tale of the Heike. In the story of Giō, Kiyomori’s greed caused him to continually grow tired...

The Maragtas Chronicles of Panayis

Rivers changed their direction and the seas waves rolled high. Destruction was everywhere. Soon, the earth parted, mountains sank, a lake was formed, and many towns in Ibalong were ruined. Then appeared the giant Rabot, half-man and half-beast, with awesome and terrifying powers. People were asking who will fight against Rabot. So Bantong, the third hero was called. He was a good friend of Handyon...

The Rice Myth

The following day the huge turtle appeared again, but Blit was quiet ready for him this time. But as he carefully placed an arrow to his bow, Bacobaco saw him and immediately hid his whole body beneath his shield. The arrow struck exactly at the place where his head had been thrust forward only a few moments before. Before he could recharge his weapon Bacobaco escaped. Bacobaco tried to hide in a ...

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The Great Companionship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Enkidu quickly learns from Gilgamesh’s words and later encourages him: “Forward, attack, son of Uruk, there is nothing to fear” . The inspiration that Gilgamesh gave Enkidu was so powerful encourages his best friend to kill Humbaba and “Afterwards we can search out the glory and the glamour,” . Gilgamesh and Enkidu have a great bond, and with that bond, they learn from each other in all ...

The Great Schism between Rome and Constantinople

Document 2 is similar to the idea presented in document 3 which proposes that the Catholic Church wants to control Constantinople, and suggested that as long as they refused to obey, they would fall under the same excommunication as did the heads of the Church in Constantinople. This was from Pope John VIII's point of view. On the other hand, the Catholic Church's bishops preached to the army that...

El Chupacabra: Legend or Beast

By interpreting Chupacabra witness’s reactions, Davis understands that learning the truth about the Chupacabra shows how human beings influence their understandings by using much of their emotions, resulting in biased and skewed interpretations of reality. Some people learn from their mistakes, so then they learn to avoid making speculations without being biased and in effect properly educating ...

Significance of Lycurgus in History

Despite Lycurgus being a controversial historical figure, although debate has been constantly brought to light, to whether on not he actually existed. Modern historians argue that Spartan society evolved through a natural process. Changes probably made after the conquest of Messenia when farmland was redistributed. Despite modern debating whether or not Lurcugus fictional or non fictional characte...

The Transformation of the Trans-Mississippi West

Three Eastern men spent time in the West, each affected; Roosevelt The Winning of the West: a stark physical and moral environment that stripped away all social artifice and tested each individual’s character; Own Wister’s The Virginian: the West produces honest, strong, and compassionate men, quick to help the weak and fight the wicket; the myth glossed over the darker side of frontier expans...

The Tale Of Tonyo The Brave

All that remained was a puddle of blood, dark and ominous in the moonlight. The next morning, the whole town searched for a wounded woman, and even the local officials were persuaded to join the hunt once we told them what happened. But we didn’t find her. Nor was any woman reported to have died in the next few days. But the killings stopped after that. And to my brothers, and even to the other ...

Myths: Basic Functions

For example the Trojan ware exemplifies this definition: The story of the Trojan War has a metaphysical or mystical function, helping those who hear it to accept the limitations of their lives. The Gods in the story represent higher forces in the universe, which determine the fate of humans. For instance, the amount of the judgment of Paris shows that human beings are often powerless as they are s...

The Devil and Tom Walker Short Story Analysis

The quote shows American Romanticism because it places faith in inner experience and the power of the imagination. Lastly, an example of American Romanticism is when Tom found the buried skull in the dirt. “He raked it out of the vegetable mold, and lo! A cloven skull with a Indian tomahawk buried deep in it, lay before him. ” Tom finding the skull shows greed and destruction of the colonists ...

The European Witch Craze

And finally why women? Changes that brought with it social order created new roles for women and changed women’s roles within the family. The proportion of unmarried women was evident in line with prostitution, infanticide and contraception was part of the problem. The female became a symbol of the witch and as such was pivotal to a demonological ideology. The witch craze ended as it was no long...

The Men We Carry in Our Minds

Ultimately, it is very clear that Sander looks after men more than women when he was younger, but he realizes later on his life that women have it harder equal with men. The characters we tend to use in myths and stories are usually real in away. Even if they are make-believe creatures, they resemble a famous or well-known person in some case. Men early in time had it harder, but now women have a ...

Religon in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Household religion is a very important part of any citizen’s life and was practiced daily and the people believed that honouring the spirits would cause great fortune and contentment. Usually the routine a family would follow daily is the household gathering around the Lalarium which was usually lactated near the kitchen while the head of the family places an offering of food and wine while pray...

The Mothman legend

The TNT area is literally unchanged since the Mothman sightings from throughout the 1960s. Who or what was the mysterious Mothman, and what was behind the mysterious events that took place in Point Pleasant in that time period? Whatever the creature's nature, many historians believe that it was not a hoax. There were just far too many credible witnesses to dismiss it in this way. Yet whatever the ...

Issue of Conquering Arayat

Former executive secretary and Ambassador Amelito R. Mutuc and Press Secretary Leoncio R. Parungao, both of the Macapagal administration, also came from Arayat. Not to mention military figures that made their marks in the high echelon of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, namely: Commodore Lodogovildo L. Gantioqui of the Philippine Nave, Col. (Ret.) Vicente A. Pascual, former Deputy Judge Advoca...

About Medival Time

Alchemy Is what early medieval chemists thought that they could turn worthless metals is to gold. Spiritual alchemy is what is discussed when turning normal metals into gold as is described. It is a form of mysticism, spiritual self-improvement. It is clear why alchemy was destined to fail it was based on a misunderstanding of basic sciences. Alchemy, a form of speculative thought that, among othe...

Samurai in Modern Japan

The findings also suggest that he has had to wear many masks, from that of the nationalist to that of the racist. For instance, in the West he started out being used as a symbol that helped the white man justify his violence towards the barbarians. While later on, his code of conduct served as guiding light for those who questioned their identity. On a final note, this report may only concern itse...

Stereotype of Female Witches

When scanning the bibliography, it has presented an extensive use of translations and modern reproductions of the books rather than the original material itself. Most particular critics have noted the use of the regulated translation of del Rios Disquisitionum Magicarum', 1599-1601, by P. G. Maxwell-Stuart published in 2000 which although a good translation, is marred by the fact that it is incomp...

The Short-Term Significance of Boudicca?

Unlike Caratacus, who had revolted 10 years earlier and fuelled further unrest in Britain, unknown to Boudicca, her actions had created a more contended Britain. Therefore, it can be argued that Boudicca had not only the more obvious short term significance of causing thousands of deaths, but also the immediate significance of creating a change in Roman attitude and control creating a stronger Bri...

Cleopatra’s moods

Despite being dominated in the fundamental conflict within the novel between the three triumvirs in their inherently “masculine” aim for dominance, Cleopatra’s forte appears in the form of emotional control which is summarised through the volatile relationship of Anthony and Cleopatra: the fusion between the antithetical personalities, the former which embodies “order, morality and maturit...

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