History and Culture of Honduras

The Republic of Honduras is located in the north-central part of Central America, and has two coastlines, one being the Pacific, and the other being the Caribbean. Honduras is the second largest county in Central America. Honduras is almost as big as Tennessee, and contains many mountains, river valleys, narrow coastal plains, and fertile plateaus. Nicaragua is located to the east of Honduras, while Guatemala is to the west, and El Salvador is to the south. Honduras follows a Democratic constitutional republic government.

Honduras was territory of the Mayan civilization during the first millennium.

In 1821, Honduras declared its independence from Spain, to for m a federation of Central American states with four other nations. One year later, Honduras left the federation. Politics got Honduras riled up in the early 1900s, causing U. S. Marines to hop in and calm the ascending situation. We all know how important football is to other countries. El Salvador invaded Honduras after the deportation of thousands of Salvadorans.

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In 1969, this was called “the football war” because it started in a soccer game, and around five thousand people lost their lives in this war.

Thankfully, the Organization of American States forced El Salvador to drop out, ending the war. For Culture, some of Honduras’ national holidays include there day of independence on the 15th of September, and Children’s Day on the 10th of September. Children’s Day is celebrated in homes, schools, and churches, and on that day, children receive presents and parties, closely relation to our Christmas.

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For Honduras Independence Day, it starts early in the morning with festivities and marching bands wearing unique colors and accessories. Ironically, Fiesta Catracha is celebrated on the same day.

During the Fiesta Catracha, food is served throughout the day, including beans, tamales, baledas, cassava with chicharron, and tortillas. When Christmas Eve comes around, the people of Honduras reunite with their respected families and close friends, to have dinner, and hand out presents at midnight. Sometimes, fireworks are set off at midnight. Finally, birthdays consist of the famous Pinata, which is filled with candy and surprises for the children. The Coat of Arms for Honduras is a equilateral triangle, with a volcano at the base, between three castles, with a rainbow and sun over it.

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History and Culture of Honduras

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