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Essay on History

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The Play of Daniel Keyes’ Flowers for Algernon

Charlie undergoes through a rough time especially when his acquired intelligence starts to recede causing him to become alienated from people and instead spends time alone. From the experiences that Charlie goes through in this story tells the reader that life is full of challenges and that there are appreciating what one has is of great importance than to seek for something that will o...

The Rise and Fall of Versailles

Similar to all the human beings, life has its ended. Louis XIV had a problem with his health which resulted in him being operated on his anal fistula. After the operation, it took long for the operated part of the King’s body to heal (The rise and fall of Versailles, Part 1of 3). Due to the illness he suffered from, he lost most of his powers and enthusiasm and the enemies were able t...

The Munich Agreement

In conclusion, collective security was the most effective response to aggression because more countries disagreed and were against Germany because it was threatening the peace of Europe. England, Britain, and America were against Germany acquiring land from Czechoslovakia while the Primer Minister Neville Chamberlain favored it in order to avoid war. Adolf Hitler used propaganda to maintain his po...

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The Pit and the Pendulum

My essay is concise and easy to read and understand. I included a lot of examples like direct quotes from the text that support my body paragraphs. That was what I liked the most about my essay, the quotes that I included, because it gives you an idea of the point of view of the narrator and how exactly he felt or what he thought. My introduction is understandable and it gives you the idea of wha...

Japan CCOT - History

Restoration, the emperor wanted to maintain this uniting factor so he established a Shinto-oriented state. Shinto teachers would advocate kokutai ideology to children. This resulted in a rise of nationalism. IN 1853, when Japan opened their ports, they ended isolationism. The end of isolationism imported several Western ideas, however the Japanese did not use this as a weakness. Instead they integ...

Andrew Jackson DBQs

Through a mistaken policy you have heretofore been deprived of a participation in the glorious struggle for national rights, in which our country is engaged. This shall no longer exist.... To every noblehearted free man of color, volunteering to serve to the present contest with Great Britain and no longer, there will be paid the same bounty in money and lands now received by the white soldiers of...

Oskar Schindler

Schindler legacy lives on through these descendants. In his book, Witness the Making of Schindler's List, Franciszek Palowski tells about Janina Olszewska, a Jew who had worked for Oscar Schindler at his factory during World War II. When her husband was sentenced to death for his work with the Polish, Schindler miraculously got him out of prison and saved his life. Another occasion of when Schindl...

Industry Needs Workers

As seen in Document G, the list of the people who died during this strike showed a lot of workers from the Homestead plant, which again attributes to the fact that the strikes bring violence and death. Secondly, the largest strike to occur in the United States at this time was the Great Railroad Strike. The Great RR strike involved the workers of the B&O railroad who were upset because of wage...

Holocaust vs Japanese Internment Camps

The worst part of it all was the mental trauma the entire situation caused onto each and every of its prisoners and of that of the remaining survivors. Imagine witnessing hundreds of deaths each week, standing in line with the other prisoners during selection, receiving the smallest of crumbs and fighting over the scraps. Imagine witnessing your family being separated from you, knowing that you wi...

Fulcher of Chartes: Pope Urban's Speech at Clermont

Pope Urban II died on July 29, 1099 and was not able to see the victory of reclaiming Jerusalem. Fulcher of Chartres clearly exemplified that he was bias towards Pope Urban II’s speech. Although he was there to hear the speech, he did not record the speech until years later. This proves that he truly believed in what Pope Urban II was protesting. Not only did Urban II’s speech help to reclaim ...

The stele of Hammurabi

In conclusion, The Stele of Hammurabi is a piece of art significant to the world ‘s history and allows us to learn about the Mesopotamian way of government. It is especially insightful due to in-depth description of rules and codes developed by Hammurabi and the type of ruling he had over his people. It provides not only information in regards to communication and writing during this time period...

Reasons of The Unjustified Crusades

Overall, this is important because we need to know history of the Crusades. Some connections is peasants relating to poor families because, they both join the military in search for a better life or a sense of adventure. Americans could say they are preventing another attack like 9/11 and likewise to the Christian Crusaders. Although, some could argue that the Americans act of violence and the dea...

Impact of The Vienna Settlement on History

Overall, the provisions of The Vienna Settlement of 1815 relating to Italy had not been overthrown by 1849. Although nationalist ideas were gaining support, the actions that resulted due to them were not usually successes and revolutions tended to only weaken Austria’s power as opposed to getting rid of their dominance entirely. Progressions such as the creation of constitutions were also only l...

The Dred Scott Decision

I don't agree with how this court case went, and frankly I find it appalling. Slavery in general is a very hard thing to deal with, and it is a very dark time in American history. The Supreme Court started to break all of the rules regarding slavery, and congress's laws, and it is just not fair. Not only the enslavement, but the unfairness of how some slaves were able to gain their freedom in lowe...

Personality of Roosevelt vs Wilson

Going back to the definition of the word progressivism, Roosevelt fits the description better because he truly favored progress in the conditions of the U.S. unlike Wilson who was unsure of exactly what it was that he wanted to do and only returned to progressivism to gain popularity around election time. According to this definition, one can clearly conclude that Theodore Roosevelt was the most p...

Differences between the Spanish and Ottoman empires

A major difference for most people between the Ottoman Empire and the Spanish Empire was in their types of trade. The Ottoman Empire focused strictly on land based trade, while the Spanish Empire focused mainly on sea based trade. This strict land based trade from the Ottomans was a factor as to why they later declined. This is because only trading by land greatly limits the amount of trade that c...

The Effect of Spanish Reconquista in History

In closing, if it had not been for the domino effect that the Moorish invasion of Spain had on the world the discovery of the “New World” might be very different. As technological advances take place there is no doubt in my mind that eventually the Americas would be stumbled upon, but if Spain had not been rushed to find a safe passage to Asia and if England had not felt pressure from Spain to...

The Fall Of The Roman Empire

The government had no money to fund the roads in which created trade. How could the people trade if they were risking their lives on the roads? I believe that with such a strong empire, they needed to more so focus on a steady source on income in order to fund everything in the cities. With no money caused inflation. Inflation caused products that were already hard to purchase even harder. Farmers...

The Treaty of Waitangi

It was also debateable whether Maori viewed land transactions the same way as Europeans. The British government felt a head to protect its investment and prevent conflict which might occur as a result of land transactions. An example of this is when Baron de Thierry claimed he bought the land , Maori thought otherwise ( one of may dubious land deals). Therefore this was the third most important ca...

Manifest Destiny as a Part of USA History

The main difference between the border issues of Oregon and Texas is the way these issues were settled. The Texas issue resulted in a war with Mexico, which gained land and lost soldiers. However, this did allow the US to gain more land than just Texas. The Oregon issue, on the other hand, was more peaceful. The US negotiated and made a treaty with Britain instead of going to war with them. Howeve...


The second factor is that St.Domingue was one of the richest colonies in the Caribbean. They planted a variety of crops which was very labour intensive. They imported more slaves from Africa to assist with the labour to bring in more profit to them.Over time this resulted in the whites being out numbered buy the blacks. There was a increasing disproportion of numbers betwwen whites and blacks.This...

History About Fail of Spanish Armada

One of the main reasons I think that the Spanish armada failed was because there ships and weapons weren’t as good as ours. For example the English could use their guns much more quickly than the Spanish could this was a major advantage to the English. The Spanish ships also didn’t carry as many guns as the English ships they carried more solders to fight head on. This is one of the reasons wh...

Indentured Servitude in History

Document two is considerably more blunt, speaking of the need for foreign labor to turn a profit. The writer of this document seems to believe he’s far above indentured servants, as he talks of them as nothing more than resources, not actual people. He goes on to say how they’ll need more of servants as time goes on. The dispassionate and unattached way he speaks of the servants is profound; i...

Lincoln: the Great Emancipator

Lincoln faced another difficult issue of how to treat escaped slaves during the war, and altered the entire ideology of the war so that the focus was slavery. He did this with his First and Second Confiscation Acts and, most importantly, a well-timed Emancipation Proclamation. Lastly, Lincoln’s capability as a politician led to concrete actions he took towards ending slavery, including the Eman...

French Imperialism in History of Indochina

French imperialism impacted Indochina Economically, Socially and Politically. In the long run, it provided the Vietnamese with advantages such as infrastructure, education and economic wealth. However, in order to achieve this the French imperialists caused destruction to the masses with burdens of unreasonable debt, high rates of death and forced cheap labour. In order to achieve independence, ed...

European- African Relationship

Though they were not successful in ridding themselves of the Europeans until much later, the Africans put up a fight to get the White Man who oppressed them out of their land, after he charmed them with his false pretenses. Another supplemental document that may be used to analyze these two groups is an excerpt from the book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. This work of literature depicts...

History and Culture of The Xia Dynasty

The children's village had been honored this year as the meeting village. It would be a horrible time for the sky to fall down. The village would be disgraced! Off the children ran to pick up the pieces. But some were missing! "Loawnu!" cried the children, as they tore up the hill, breathing heavily. Loawnu only smiled. The next day, the children ran outside and looked up. The sky looked as it alw...

Hamilton and Jefferson About Economy and Government

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson disagreed on many things when it came to the way that America was run. Some of these disputes include; their political philosophies, their long-term economic outlook, their interpretations of the constitution, and their views one federal power versus state power. It is these discrepancies, however, that helped shape America into a more balanced nation and he...

Presidential Speech

Those immigrants see this country as a land of opportunity. Since Barrack Obama gave this speech, nothing has really occurred ,other than Obama's residential order which is similar to the dream act. The people who qualify for this must be between the ages 12-35,arrived in the United States before the age of 16, lived in the United States for at least 5 years, and have graduated a highs school and ...

Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima

The flag-raising party made it to the top without incident, and Rosenthal caught the famous image, quite hastily, as he had been distracted moments before the famous event. His original caption: "Atop 550-foot Suribachi Yama, the volcano at the southwest tip of Iwo Jima, Marines of the Second Battalion, 28th Regiment, Fifth Division, hoist the Stars and Stripes, signaling the capture of this key p...

Religious Ideas of Dr. Jose Rizal

Another important ramification of this study is how Rizal viewed history. Contrary to the static, rigid, immutable Catholic position of Fr. Pastells, Rizal thought of history as a dynamic continuous process of change. Events, circumstances, people, their ideas and the environment are inter-connected and are in constant motion. The direction of change may not be always be in neat successive stages ...

Cavour's Diplomacy and Bismarck's Army in History

Cavour was the type of person who relied on diplomacy. Cavour discussed and planned how to do things, yet never really participated. Bismarck was the complete opposite. Bismarck was the man of the extremely powerful Prussian army. Cavour’s main opponents were the people and Garibaldi. Very few people actually supported Cavour. Cavour also had the Austrians as opponents. Bismarck’s opponents we...

Aguinaldo in Organizing a Republic in Biak-na-Bato

The Second Philippine Commission (the Taft Commission), appointed by McKinley on March 16, 1900, and headed by William Howard Taft, was granted legislative as well as limited executive powers. Between September 1900 and August 1902, it issued 499 laws. A judicial system was established, including a Supreme Court, and a legal code was drawn up to replace antiquated Spanish ordinances. A civil servi...

The Conversion of Constantine

Muslims accepted Jesus as a righteous prophet, but they did not embrace the Christian belief in Christ’s divinity and His equality with the Father. Peter, the Venerable, wanted to set the record straight about the origins of Islam in regards to the story about the heretical Nestorian monk Sergius. After Sergius was expelled from the church, he traveled to Arabia where he met Muhammad and led him...

The Rice Myth

The following day the huge turtle appeared again, but Blit was quiet ready for him this time. But as he carefully placed an arrow to his bow, Bacobaco saw him and immediately hid his whole body beneath his shield. The arrow struck exactly at the place where his head had been thrust forward only a few moments before. Before he could recharge his weapon Bacobaco escaped. Bacobaco tried to hide in a ...

Different Cultures of Europeans and Maori

The arrival of the Europeans caused many changes to the Māori society between 1642 and prior to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Europeans brought with them many things to trade; however, they contributed to fatal impact in New Zealand as they brought with them weapons which killed a lot of people and enslaved many more as more and more Māori competed for weapons. By 1830 the Māori ha...

Abraham Lincoln's and John Kennedy's Assassination Similarities

Both American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy (JFK) were tragically assassinated during their terms in office. Both men, admired by many, were hated by many who opposed their political views. Very shortly after the Kennedy assassination in November of 1963, a strikingly similar comparison of the circumstances of his death and the death of Lincoln in 1865 surfaced media everywhere. T...

A Historical Event, The Battle of Bunker Hill

Also, the Battle of Bunker Hill had great impact on the force assessment on the British. Before that, the British always treated the colonial troops as a group of mobs. They prepared the war lightly: Gage delayed the chance to attack the colonial troops to after sunrise and he also ordered his soldiers to attack the colonial troops frontally. Even Clinton, who proposed the “outflanking tactics...

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