History 1302

History 1302
“Wizard of OZ”
Final Project
Over the years The Wizard of Oz has become one the most classic movies among children and adults. The film tells a story about a young girl named Dorothy, she lives on a farm in Kansas where a large tornado picks her house up. Dorothy and her dog named toto end up in the land of Oz. In the land of OZ things are beautiful but also strange, but Dorothy wants to return home. Glinda the good witch helps Dorothy and tells her to follow the yellow brick road to the wizard and he will help her go back home.

While on her journey to the wizard the wicked witch of the rest is seeking revenge for the death of her sister which she blames Dorothy for. On her journey to the wizard Dorothy meets people that are also in need of things like herself. The film was used to distract people from the hard times and to even give the people of the US hope that things will become better.

Although the was created for entertainment it does show symbolism with what was going on during that era, it shows it through the characters and how the film was recorded.
The film is fun and exciting but the film itself was inspired by the great depression that hit America in the 1930’s. The Great Depression saw many people in America live in poverty. Most southern states had been affected by the draughts and strong winds, which made it extremely difficult to farm.

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Because farming was hard there was an agricultural decline that had prolonged the depression. In the film it shows in the opening scene that Dorothy lives on a farm that is in the middle of Kansas and it is surrounded by dry unfarmable soil. In the beginning of the film you can see that it was recorded in sepia tones but when Dorothy opens the door when she arrives to Munchkin Land the film is now in bright colors. The gloomy sepia tones in the start of the film automatically lets us know that things are rough and that there is tension going on. Just like in the film during this time farmers were struggling to make ends meet and to make a profit off their crops. The sepia tones reveal how hard life was in Kansas but when she lands in the other world everything is colorful and full of life which makes it feel like a dream. In the Munchkin land most of the people are wearing blue, green, and yellow which are the colors of suppression. You see these colors here the most because it was once ruled by Wicked witch of the east.

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