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The cheapest accommodations on a steamship

An anti-immigrant organization
American protective association

Caused an increase in Chinese immigration
Taiping Rebellion

Location of a barracks in California to accommodate Asian immigrants

An extreme dislike for foreigners by native-born people

Nativism in the late 1800s were focused on Asians,Jews, and
Eastern Europeans

Where did many Chinese immigrants settle ?
Western cities

What law prevented Chinese immigrants already in the United States form becoming citizens ?
Chinese exclusion Act

The processing center for the vast majority of immigrants arriving on the East Coast was at
Ellis Island

An informal political group designed to gain and keep power
Political machine

Invented the electric trolley car
Frank J Sprague

Leader of the New York democratic political machine
William Tweed

A railroad car pulled by horses

Talk steel frame buildings

No one contributed more to the design of skyscrapers than Chicago’s
Louis Sullivan

America’s industrialization made some people wealthy and created a growing
Middle class

In response to urban congestion , Boston and New York built the first
Subway systems

Whose rose to become one of Nee York’s most powerful party bosses ?
George Plunkitt

Entertainment adapted from French theater

Belief that a person could rise in society and go as far as their talents and commitment would take them

Law that reformed social service
Pendleton Act

Salaried baseball team formed in 1869

The idea that people succeed because of their ability to cooperate
Reform Darwinism

By calling their era the “Gilded Age”, “Mark Twain and Charles Warner were
Sounding an alarm

The gospel of wealth was a philosophy that wealthy Americans were responsible for using their fortunes to engage in

During the presidential campaign of 1888, Benjamin Harrison received large contributions from

Popular culture changed in the late 1800s because industrialization improved the standard of living for many people , enabling them to spend more money on

How farmers referred to the decision to stop minuting silver
The Crime of ’73

Popular name for the Patrons of Animal Husbandry
The grange

Transformed the campaign for silver into a crusade
William Jennings Bryan

Marketing organizations that worked for the benefit of their members

A movement to increase farmers’ political power

The purpose of the cooperatives was to
Raise the prices of crops

What organization formed exchanges?
The Farmers’ Alliance

In 1892 the People’s Party called for a
Graduated income tax

the people’s party was also known as the

Separation of the races

Fought against lynching
Ida B Wells

Landless farmers who paid rent with crops

Proposed that African Americans concentrate on achieving economic goals
Brooker T. washington

Between 1860 and 1899, the majority of lynchings each year occurred in
Southern States

In 1886, african American farmers formed the
colored farmers’ national

To win the votes of poor whites, democratic leaders in the south began appealing to

In 1883, the Supreme Court set the stage for legalized segregation by overturning the
Civil rights acts of 1875

A homesteader could claim up to ___ acres of public land and could receive ____ to the land after living there for five years
160 acres ; title

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