Historiography Essay Topics

Evolution of Historiography in Greek Civilization

Historiography is the study of how people transmit and obtain knowledge over time. It is a subject that can explain how people’s culture, social networks, economy and political ways have evolved over time. It simply shows people where they have come from to attain what is known as modernity. There are many people who have… View Article

Braxton Bragg

This paper discusses the interpretation and analysis of James McPherson’s use of primary and secondary material and how effectively he interpreted and subsequently used the material in regards to the Civil War general Braxton Bragg. There will also be comparisons made between resources that were not mentioned or used by McPherson and independently researched material… View Article

Unknown American Revolution

The American Revolution is one of the biggest goals accomplished in the U.S. Many believe it couldn’t have been done without the success of the war without our great founding fathers and generals. Gary Nash begs to differ and sheds light on the roles other groups played greatly on the American Revolution. In Nash’s article… View Article

Methods of Research

1. Define research in the light of the growing need for its conduct, exposition, and application. (5 points) Research is an process to collect and analyze information to increase our topic understanding for problem,it has three steps: pose a question,collect data and present an answer to the question. Research is an process to collect and… View Article